Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Chucky Cheese Hell

Did anyone see this story?

Moms Allegedly Brawl at Chuck E. Cheese
NATICK, Mass. - A child's birthday party at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant was cut short after a fight broke out between two mothers. Natick police said the mom of the 9-year-old birthday boy apparently became enraged because the other woman's son was "hogging" an arcade game.Sgt. Paul Thompson said Catherine Aliaga, 38, and Tarsha Williams, 33, both of Boston, would be summoned into court to answer charges of simple assault and battery stemming from the scuffle.Thompson told the MetroWest Daily News that police received a number of 911 calls about the fight Saturday night. He said what started as a birthday celebration turned into a "birthday melee."

Sure, Chuck E Cheese's can drive any parent to madness, I mean with the crowed surroundings, lost children being squashed in the bacteria filled plastic ball/germ pit, wild children running rampant (spreading sickness, no doubt!) perstering parents for "more money" to win 600,0000 tickets to win a stupid straw with Chuck's head on (also a bit twisted) but this just drives Chuck E Cheese madness to a whole new level. For Heaven's sake, after Chuck preforms, why don't we make this another form of entertainment at the venue?


Melanie said...

I saw that!! Isn't that crazy? At least they weren't in Alabama.. lol

Dullbert said...

I HATE Chuck E Cheese ! If either one of these women received a flesh wound they will be dead of a staph infection by the end of the week !

Leigh said...

Dullbert-you ain't kidding! Honestly last Oct. my daughter went to Chucks in a skirt and I got so mad at her for wearing it (you pick your battles). I told her how disgusting that place was. The party was on Sunday. On Monday she came home from school saying her knee was killing her and that it had a red bruise on it. I looked at it and yes, red looking mark (like it would look when you sit on your knee for a while). The next day, when she got home from school she could barely walk. I looked at it, still red but now with a little pimple looking place in the center of the redness. At this time the staff thing was everywhere on the news. I didn't know what it looked like though.
I called a nurse and described it and she said, yes! Sounds like staff. Took her to childrens and sure enough staff. I KNOW KNOW KNOW that she got it from there.

Leigh said...

Melanie- I know!! In Minnasota! Alabama- I would've guessed. LOL! Not saying anything bad 'bout my home state.
One of my friends, Bama girl, is a tiny little thing, but scrappy and unassuming. Next time I go to ChuckE Hell I am taking her with me.(I love you Kym!)

jennifer said...

Can't we all just get along? :^)

Leigh said...

Jennifer-not at Chuck E Cheese. Everyone there loses their mind-be it crying babies, out of control kids or fighting parents. Ther is just something about that place that drives people MAD!!!