Monday, February 4, 2008

Vote in the Primaries on Tueday February 5th~

I received this information from my friend Janet. Attached is a nonpartisan Presidential Primary Voters' Guide that reviews eight positions held by the major candidates on a wide variety of issues: A human life amendment, traditional marriage, gun rights, business freedom, taxes, gay pride, the Iraq war and education.
The voter guides are approved for distribution by everyone, including churches and nonprofit organizations. I hope this guide helps you in making a decision in voting. Feel free to forward this Voters' Guide to your friends. Click Here (PDF) to see the voters guide. I hope you will exercise your right to vote by participating in the Primary Tuesday, February 5.
By all means, be sure to vote. To help you find the location of the Primary in your area, simply click on the political party of your choice below and follow instructions.
For more information about the Republican and the Democratic Primary February 5 including locations:
Alabama Republican Party (205)212-5900 Website: A
labama Democratic Party800-995-3386 (toll free)334-262-2221 (local)Website:

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