Saturday, January 5, 2008

Things I love Right now...

Things I love right now.......
I found this over at Musings of a Housewife and thought I'd join in.
Here are my top items, in no particular order.
*German and Belgian Chocolate. Thanks Kenan for the new German vice when I am PMSing. *My new books that are waiting to be read....90 Minutes in Heaven, Clapton the Autobiography, The Choice and Dear John both by Nicolas Sparks *The clean and organized home I am working towards *Beautiful sunsets and thunderhead cloud formations. *My shih Tzu's (Lucy Lu and Jeffery) puppies. *My friends and family, they are THE BEST!!! *Looking at other photographers web sites *singing really loud. And dancing too. Who cares who is looking? *The snooze, 10 more minutes to cuddle with Big Daddy before the day begins *How empty and clean my house feels now that my Christmas decorations are put away. *My children's drawings, books they have written and illustrated and songs. I love that they are passionate about writing and art. * *My blog, my outlet *J.Smooth's toothless grin. Nothing can bring a smile to my face faster than to see his smile. * A passing thunderstorm...the sights and sounds of the rain, thunder and lightening *My husband, who reassured me (in his words) that "{my} job is the most important one". I was looking for a "real paying job" and he assured me that what I was doing at home was far more important than anything. He is so great. He gives me confidence and hope and alot of love. God has and continues to bless me.
My goals for 2008. Please feel free to join in too!
*Exercise more........I guess it would be more appropriate to say start to exercise! LOL *Read my devotionals, in particular one that I got from my cousin Beckie. *Make a point to have a date night once a month with Big Daddy *Writing a book! *Make a point to have a family day out, at least once a month *Be a better me (Child of God, mom, wife, friend...and roller derby queen/rock star.)*Get my oldest son accepted into a college *Dance *Playing more tennis and walking/hiking more. *Learning to play Guitar-for real! I have had my 2 guitar's since I was 16 and never learned to play. I have always wanted to.
For more check out Musings of a Housewife.

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Abbey Road -- said...

Big Daddy sounds like an awesome hubby and daddy! That stood out among all the others .. having a supportive "partner" makes it all work. Congrats on landing such a fine man for your partner!! Hugs, Abbey