Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Playing Catch Up......

Thanks to all who posted well wishes regarding my back "problems". I nursed it all morning. While I didn't have any brandy on hand (LOL! Love your comments!) I did take a combination of muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory drugs and lying flat on a heating pad. I have mentioned often I am terrible when it comes to taking medications, but when it comes to my back... I have learned not to wait. I went back to bed after I saw the kids off to school, it obviously really helped. I have been in far worse shape (where I cannot even get vertical) so I feel very fortunate with this one. I really was hoping not to go to the doctor. They always ask how you did the injury occurred. I dreaded saying, "I was giving my husband a wedgie."
It is the truth. I will have to live with this one. Big Daddy was being so annoying as I was attempting to watch a TV show (not the office, mind you!). He was just like a child, trying to get attention in the wrong way. Parents, you know, like when you receive a telephone call. They are always under you, being loud. Anyway, I was seated on the couch, he was lying down on the couch with his head closest to me. He was going on and on, doing his best to annoy me. Well, when he didn't expect it, I reached over, snagged his PJ pants and underwear and pulled, also pulling a muscle in my back. Hmmmm? I wouldn't want to tell the doctor all of that. Of course, on my blog, its a open book. Big Daddy did feel bad for me and was kind enough to give me hugs and love to try and appease the pain, until I eventually gave into it and medicated and went to bed.

I did manage to get out last night to attend J Smooth's open house at the elementary school. Smooth was so looking forward to it, I wasn't about to disappoint. Oh! No! Tell me now, is there a prerequisite that there must be bad weather for the open house? Last year, in the middle of a downpour I crammed the family into the car only to find open house was cancelled. This year, the show went on, but amid the wind and rain. And traffic-holy cow! I know. I am complaining, but it is such a mess. Especially for someone who is on the verge of becoming Howard Hughes. By the time I got home, my chest hurt because I was holding my breath and had not noticed myself doing it . I was so fearful someone would knock into me and hurt my back even more that I was holding my breath. All is well now.
When we were at the open house, the kids have a little paper that they go by to show the parents and guest around the room. We went by the paper, completing it said, "Well! Time to go!". Smooth piped in, "I am not going by that paper! I still have alot to show you!". He was so proud of his work, his room, his teacher and his friends, there was no stone left unturned.
I will comment and say that J Smooth has the most fabulous teacher this year. I am so impressed with her. I have three children, Smooth being my last. My oldest in his junior year at the high school. We have known many teachers. I have my favorites. Smooth's teacher this year is certainly one of them. Kudos's to her! (Thanks to her for taking and sending me the picture)

I am so looking forward to spending the day with my sweet aunt and uncle who have recently relocated from Atlanta to Dallas. It has been a looooong time since I have seen them, so cannot wait. I do not have a clue what to do/entertain with them. I wish Birmingham offered more. Suggestions?

With three children going in different directions all the time, we have to make it a point to have supper together. I require it 4 nights of the week, at least. That is our family discussion time. We take turns in saying the blessing on the nights we ate as a family. Tonight, J Smooth's was so cute that I had an idea. I am going to start taking notes and writing down the prayer (wish I had done this when Bama came along!). I am going to do this each year and at the end of the year, go to Winkflash and make a booklet. On the pages will be the prayers with pictures of the kids. I am going to give it to grandparents at Christmas. That is the plan anyway.

Here is the inspiration blessing by my 7 year old J Smooth:
Dear God,
Thank you for this food. Thank you for this family. For our Earth. For day and for night. Thank you for our life. And thank you for making us be alive. Amen~
Indeed. We are alive through Him!

Again, my most sincere thanks for the well wishes. You all made my day and am sure that positive messages are THE best medicine. Thanks! Wishing you all good health.

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The Roaming Southerner said...

Very sweet idea bout the prayer journel...i will have to keep that in mind when i have mine!