Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ford Sync TV Ad - Nothing Works

Did anyone notice the commercial by SYNC? In it a girl is walking into a building, holding a drink. She doesn't see the glass and smashes into it. I laughed because it brought back such a memory. When J Smooth was a toddler, about 3, the family had to make a stop by Big Daddy's office building one night. When we were walking back outside, we stepped off of the elevator and Sledge and Smooth took off running towards the entrance. I could see what was going to happen, I yelled but it was to late. Sledge, who was about 7 stopped before the large glass wall that separated the large lobby from the enclosed entrance. Smooth was running at a full speed. I don't mean jogging , I mean you could hardly account that the little guy had legs ! It was then that he literally ran into the wall and bounced back off of it about 2-3 feet. I literally saw my small child get air. All Big Daddy, Bama and I could do was gawk, it was so unbelieveable. Then the laughter set in when we heard the loud wailing cry and knew he was ok. It was awful. I tried my best to suppress the laughter, I did much better than the men of the family who literally had tears streaming down their faces, as sister Sledge, who was all to happy to recap it again and again the rest of the evening. This only infuriated poor J Smooth.. It was a sight that we talk about to this day. It conjured up those memories for all of us. Oh, such simple things. I am such a sick woman. I know this.

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