Sunday, January 6, 2008

Deja Vu Consignment in Tuscaloosa

For the longest time I have been wanting to go to downtown Tuscaloosa and shop the little antique and consignment shops. I just have not had the time or opportunity when I have gone to T-town. There was always something else on the agenda. Today, Mom and I made a special trip over to take in the shops, sights and eateries.One of the shops we visited was *DeJa Vu Consignment Shop. The store was overflowing with clothing, shoes, jewelry and household items. Some of the items were new but most were consigned. While the store was almost overwhelming with items, which for me is a big "I refuse to shop" because it gives me a headache. There have been times when I have gone shopping and found myself looking for something sharp to jab into my head. Though this time, I was glad I hung in, for I found some cute things as can will see. Here are the three tops/jackets with pictures of my shoe deals below. The beige is a Old Navy blazer with cute "diamond" accented buttons. Very feminine, which I liked. It cost me $12.00. The black one is a hooded cotton netted pullover by Sonoma. It was a whole $5.oo. I thought it was perfect to wear as a pool cover when I am at the beach. The final clothing purchase was the pink ruffled feminine top $9.00 that I paired with the brown suede vest, $12.00. I also purchased a brand new (I refuse to purchase used hats) cowboy hat for the beach for 9 bucks.
Deja Vu Consignment Shop
(205) 752-3901
2311 University Blvd. Downtown
Tuscaloosa, Al 35401
(*Next door to Deja Vu is another cute consignment shop called Twice as Nice. There is also a new "Summit" type shopping center on McFarland Blvd. We shopped there , specifically at Cold Water Creek and got some great deals.)


HEWY said...

Hey! You bought all the good stuff. Boy you were all over the place this weekend.

Leigh said...

Nahhh, just what I had the time tolerance to find. They even had mens & childrens clothing-neither of which I looked into much.
I was everywhere. I can cover alot of ground quickly, Hewy...LOL...