Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Vote Now to get Cooper Green an MRI Machine

Cooper Green is right next to UAB and Children's Hospitals and it provides care for indigent patients. They also have a world-renowned palliative care program. Please go to the website and vote for Cooper Green Hospital.

As most of you know, Cooper Green is a hospital that doesn't have much money or resources and they do provide good and free care to indigent patients. They don't even have an in-house MRI machine - so they entered a contest that is giving away a MRI machine to the hospital that has the most votes from an online video. They made a video and it is actually pretty good so please vote for it here to help them get this machine!!! They could really use it. And please send this website to as many people as you know to get the word out.
Dr. Pezz
P.S. If we could get American Idols to win we can certainly do this!

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