Monday, December 31, 2007

Puppy Preview


Anonymous said...

My 1st time to check you out and love these photo slides of the puppies. How cute are they? What's their story?

Anonymous said...

The puppies are so cute! I'm glad to see them...the boys are in love with "Mickey". I'm getting excited!

Leigh said...

Anon #1- Gla dyou stopped by and hope you will again. These are the first litter from my shihtsu's (go to search blog in left corner and search Lucy for the full story and her personal ad and then puppies for the pups week by week progression). They have been a joy! We love them all and have good homes for all...but one who is still available.

Anon #2-(Carpenter) Glad you stopped by to check them out. Equally happy to know he has a name. Now I can call him something besides "Carpenter dog". And you know I am singing, "Ah Mickey, yer so fine, yer so fine ya blw my mind, Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey!". LOL. Shots this week and next and then he's yours. Glad he's close to visit.