Sunday, December 30, 2007

Little Tyson?

Poor J Smooth, he cannot catch a break. If you will recall the Friday before Christmas he and his sister were playing hide and seek in the house (against house rules) and J Smooth ran smack into the door frame in an attempt to get away. It knocked him silly. It also gave him a nice goose egg, which is still quite visible and swollen, as well as two black eyes and an extremely swollen nose! His face restructuring continues to progress. This time he and his older brother were messing around, dueling with J Smooth's new knight swords and shields. J Smooth came at Bama full on with his swords drawn. Bama went for the block, not realizing the speed at which J Smooth was attacking. Bama's block was absorbed by J Smooth's 2 front teeth. It was about that time that I walked in the door and found J Smooth bleeding from the mouth and Bama repeatedly saying, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!". I found that Smooth's teeth were indeed knocked very loose. Perhaps they were loose to begin with and Smooth, nor any of us had not yet noticed. In any case they were barely hangin in. Smooth was hysterical and crying, fearing it was his permanent teeth that were loose. I consoled and reassured him that it was indeed baby teeth.
I later left again, accepting a dinner invite with my parents. Big Daddy had promised the kids McDonald's and a sit down supper for the kids was not to be had, thus they went onto Mickey Dee's. I got a phone call from J Smooth a short while later saying that one tooth had fallen out while eating. It appears that the other tooth will soon follow.
I expect that when J Smooth returns to school I will be fully interrogated by social services. I plan to go ahead and send his teacher an email or note prior to his return so she will know to expect the likes of someone resembling Mike Tyson post fight, instead of the most adorable J Smooth. This past week his pitiful little face has gone through some major appearance changes. Bless him. This is what happens (some times) when Dad is left in charge....


Anonymous said...

Poor kid!~JJR

HEWY said...

LOL Helena has a record on you.

The dentist says we have only 3 teeth left to loose for the whole family. So tooth fairy can retire soon.

Anonymous said...

I could hardly recognize JG, Leigh~
I liked the picture of Tony. Not easy to control a stroller and a little boy who wants to go in a different direction. That’s a good picture of Tom. Andy kind of got hidden.Ernie and I just got back from “The Great Debaters.” What a wonderful movie!

Anonymous said...

Bless His Heart!
Don't worry he will be fine. I love your blog page! Thank you for always keeping me informed about everything:) I hope you had a blessed and wonderful Holiday season!
For the Kids,