Friday, December 28, 2007

Know and Tell Friday

All who know me well know I LOVE the questionnaire things people send by email. I LOVE to get to know people. I even save them in a little file and refer to them for birthdays or whatnot. My friend Court, I know for a fact, cusses me every time I send one out, thus I send them to her every time. (Smile). I just love them. I found out about a blogger who has a know and tell every Friday, so of course I have to jump in and read and fill it out. I am week behind of the starting point, but I will jump in with my own posted answers...
Remember anyone is welcome to participate and make sure to visit other bloggers that answer their questions on their own blogs.
Question 1 What is the name of your very first friend? It would be either a girl named Lane Worrington or my first best friend, Debby Morave (Johnston), who I met at three. Debby and I are still friends today-34 years later.
Question 2 Do you believe in love at first sight? Typically I would say no because I fully believe in getting to know someone. You cannot know who a person is and know that you would love them in just looking at them. That being said, I knew from the moment I saw my husband, when I was 11 years old that I wanted to marry him. There was something about him. I prayed and prayed I would one day be his wife. Prayers work. (See my blog, October 11th Our Anniversary for the full story)
Question 3 Clean Freak or Total Slob? This is the honest truth I really am both... I can totally go into Clean Freak mode one day, and the next fall happily into the Total Slob category. I need to find the happy medium of both to be well adjusted in this area, that being said...I am a total germaphob so I will not allow things to get out of control.
Question 4 Last book you read? I am in the process of reading three books, one day I will finish one of them I think my problem is trying to read three at once then I would probably complete one. Anyway...90 minutes in Heaven, The Choice (Nicolas Sparks) and the Clapton Autobiography.
Bonus Question Give me one word that would sum up your goals for 2008? To be the person that the Lord intends me to be. To save money for my beach house. To get Bama accepted into college. More good times with family and friends, the things that make me the rich woman I am.

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Toknowhim said...

I am on vacation, but checked my blog...thanks for joining in again this week, and I think the story about you falling in love with your hubby at 11 is adorable...