Sunday, December 30, 2007

I've got the Music in Me

My friend, "Tom Sawyer" was kind enough to make me some killer CD's that I have rocked to over the holiday's. Many great selections-Bon Jovi, WolfMother, Taj Mahall, Keb Mo, Nickel Creek, Compilations, I have rocked these hard all ready. It has been fun singing some old tunes from my youth as well as learning some new ones. A special thanks to TS for giving me the means to ROCK! It is most appreciated. There is nothing like the power of music to move you and motivate. It has certainly helped the daunting task of organizing go a little better. For Christmas my mother got me the under the cabinet CD player I have been wanting and trying to find at Belks (but always not in stock!!). Now I am jamming and cooking, cooking and jamming.
"For those about to Rock, we salute you!"
To Tom Sawyer , if you are hearing me, I could use some Loretta to the playlist. LOVE LORETTA. Yes, I have quite an eclectic musical taste. Thanks for your eagerness to see that I am musically satisfied. Glad you share me and Big Daddy's passion (still gotta get him to look over the list). Mucho Gracious!

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