Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Can you believe it is almost 80 degrees a couple weeks before Christmas? "Mom, do you think it will snow?", was the question my 7 year old asked me on the way to the bus stop. "It might flurry on Sunday morning. But I doubt it". I answered. I could see his disappointment. Bless him. I want that too. I want my children to have that experience. I have such fond memories as a child playing with the children in my neighborhood having snowball fights, sliding down hills on boxes and even aluminum trash can lids-whatever we could find, making snow angels and snow men. I want my children to have those memories.
I asked Big Daddy if next year, for our family vacation (somewhere in driving distance) going somewhere it will snow. I was thinking Blowing Rock or perhaps Virginia? I even approached the kids and asked them how they would feel about a very scaled down Christmas at a ski resort vs the big one at home. They were game. If anyone has any recommendations on places that offer snow and are a good place to stay, let me know. I would prefer not to "touristy" but more local quaintness.

I am dreaming of a White Christmas......

(The photo was taken last year at Cloudmont Ski in Mentone, Alabama. Of course it was "just a hill" with man made snow.....but the kids saw that as "snow" for the first time in their lives. They loved it. I want the whole winter wonderland...)


Abbey's Road said...

I set up (quickly) a blog on blogger:

I sent an email to what I thought was your email address to invite you so you could see the blog. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Leigh said...

Abbey Rd-Great! I could get onto this one. I sent you an email, I hope you get it.

Leigh Gray said...

wow - that is quite a hill!! it still had ot be cold outsie, right??? Hopefully we are getting some snow this weekend!!!

have a good one!!