Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Home Grown Special Foods

With the Holiday season quickly approaching, it is time to start planning for holiday parties and get togethers. I have a great suggestion, don't fret! Let someone else do the work for you! Caroline and Valerie are the owners of a catering business called Home Grown Special Foods, where they work out of their home (they formerly operated out of a storefront in Homewood, Alabama). Let me say, everything is delicious!
My all time favorite thing they make is the Sundried Tomato and Basil Cheeseball $10.00. It has such a fresh and delicious flavor. It is HUGE! It feeds 8-10 people (or better). It is perfect for those holiday parties. I recently served it at a baby shower that I hosted and it received rave reviews (and yes, I fessed up!). Check over their website, it offers many great suggestions of menu ideas-that they will personally take care of. All you need to do is pick it up.
Be ready for the compliments to pour in!
Home Grown Special Foods "Taste like Home"
Meals to go+casseroles+salads+desserts
Caroline Bundy & Valerie Boyd


jennyhope said...

i wonder why i have never heard of them...or maybe I have. looks yummy

Leigh said... will LOVE these foods. There is also another lady in Helena that is opeing a catering business. SHe fed my fmaily last week. PHENOMINAL food. BUt she made me promise I wouldn't blog about her until Janurary when she is offically up and running. Just wait-and evry reasonble. I got a great nutritious meal from her (chicken and dumlings and homemade bread to die for) for as much as it cost my family to eat at McDonalds. We even had leftovers.