Saturday, December 22, 2007

Possible Link to Ann Arbor Doors and Helena Gnomes?

My Blogger friend, HEWY has recently posted on the strange phenomenon of garden gnomes showing up around the city of Helena. No one has claimed ownership of the gnomes. It got me to thinking about the town of Ann Arbor Michigan, where fairy/gnome doors mysteriously began popping up all over town, both inside and outside of businesses. No one there has claimed responsibility. I am thinking that perhaps there is an underground connection of the gnomes of Helena and Michigan activities. Perhaps even gnomes come south for the winter?
To be continued???


HEWY said...

I so want a gnome door now.

jennyhope said...

LOL! the whole thing cracks me up!

HEWY said...

Hey Leigh, I posted a link to that mentions Helena and our gnome safehaven: