Sunday, December 9, 2007

Finding the "Me" in Mentone

Decorating in the spirit of Christmas, relaxation, long walks in the woods, watching wildlife, eating good food....this was how I spent my weekend. My cousin Elaine invited my mother and I to join her as well as new friends, Kelly, Robin, Carrie, and Susan to Elaine and Paul's cabin in Mentone, Alabama. The weekend's main purpose was decoration. Our group headed out to the woods to stock up on natural stems and bushes in a "hanging of the greens" at the cabin. In between decoration, there was food, wine and fellowship while Christmas tunes played in the background. We even took in a few Christmas movies while nestled in our pj's.
While at the cabin I saw a family of deer, which included a baby. That was exciting. They allowed my mother and I to get quite close to them. I am assuming that because the state park was nearby which forbids hunting, that they did not have the fear as some deer might have and run away as soon as they saw us. Also while at the cabin, something equally as exciting took place. My cousin Elaine had been given a butterfly larvae 6-8 weeks prior to our being there. As she prepared to throw it away, because nothing metamophic had happened, her husband Paul noticed that the larva had metamorphed into a beautiful butterfly. We had a butterfly release in "Molly's Garden", located on my cousin's property. It was a really neat experience.
The Little River runs behind Elaine's cabin, and at night I would sneak out onto the porch and became entranced in it's rippling melody. It did lull at least one of the cabin guest to sleep at night, as Robin found it comfortable to sleep outside on the sleeping porch. I plan to try it out on my next visit.
The woods are sacred in it's beauty. One cannot help but become inspired and rejuvenated after being in enveloped in the timbers with wildlife both underfoot and above. I found myself not wanting the weekend to end. I look forward to my next escape. Thanks to Big Daddy for heading up the household while I was away once again and for encouraging this mom to delight in "Me Time". Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it certainly makes me appreciate even more the man that I am married to. He encourages me to follow my dreams and nourish relationships with others and most importantly be myself-the person I am outside of and not defined by the title mother and wife. As truly blessed I am to have those names proceed the one I was given at birth, it is nice to remember the role I have beyond those blessed names. How truly blessed am I to be married to such a man. And I am blessed... I met some new friends and I got to spend time with my cousin Elaine, who I have not had the opportunity to as often and also be with my mom, who is undoubtedly one of my best friends.
All in all, It was a delightful weekend, that will be an annual tradition. Thanks, Elaine and Paul for your hospitality and generosity-and to all for feeding me much to well. My parting gift from Elaine, a bell bird feeder, will be a wonderful reminder of our weekend. Until next year my cabin mates...Merry Christmas, Be well.


Anonymous said...

I always talk to my hubby about going to Mentone for a little getaway. We definitely will have to go!

Leigh said...

Bossy Pants-I recommend Mountain Laurel Inn or the Mentone Bed and Breakfast to stay. I know the owners of the B&B (The Campbells) they will see to it that you have a wonderful stay. The B&B is in town, the inn is more in a wooded and secluded setting. You and your hubby would love Mentone!