Saturday, December 29, 2007

Camp Night at the Dassau Inn

Years ago (ok, Flo-not to many) my friends Flo and Carrie started a tradition when they were in college at Southern Mississippi. Carries (wonderful!) parents had a cabin close by and the girls would go to the cabin and just have a "good time".
Flo decided to bring back their tradition when she and her husband Sean built their pool house. Last night was the first official Camp Night Revisited. Flo and Sean made Catfish Sauce Pecan and Corn and Crawfish Bisque on the main menu, with a smorgusbord of other wonderful goodies.I begged for the recipes so when I get them I will post on my blog. In the meantime, we had a wonderful night. Let me just list why I love my friends so much.....

1. They accept me the way I am
2. They love me, they really do!
3. They hoot and hollered and flicked bics when I sang and gave it my all on the Bon Jovi song, "Never say Goodbye".
4. They didnt laugh when I sang and gave it my all on the Bon Jovi song.
5. They don't laugh when I dance -they join in!
6. They have been with me through good and bad-and I them.
7. Kids invited too. Everyone's welcome
8. They cook good!!
9. They encourage my dreams for the roller derby team and rock star moments
10. I am rich for the friendships I have in them. They are there for me no matter what.

Man! I love this group of fine people. How lucky, BLESSED am I? God is so, so good!
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Fran said...

That sounds like a perfect group of friends (that we all need) and that you had a blast!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll come by to visit again too. And, who doesn't love some Bon Jovi?! Oh, the 80's....


Mrs. Schmitty said...

What great friends!