Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Slaughter in Japan

..........................................................................................Some years ago I had the memorable opportunity to work with Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida. I worked with injured dolphins, mammals that had beached themselves for a variety of reasons. As a child, I adored these magnificent creatures from afar, while I visited the gulf coast on family vacations. During high school, I even contemplated marine biology as a career. Mote Marine Lab was a rare opportunity that allowed me to be a small part of assisting in the welfare of dolphins. It was a job that I relished. Being able to work alongside some of the most knowledgeable marine biologist and to actually be involved in the aid of these creatures was amazing.
Every night I would get into the tank with an injured dolphin and feed it and assisted in giving it it's medications. Sometimes our efforts were futile, other times we celebrated. In any case, we did what we could. It was almost as if the mammals knew we were trying to help. Through that experience, my beliefs were confirmed that these creatures have an extremely high intelligence. They feel, they love and they are devoted to their family units. I will carry those experiences with me for the rest of my life. Today, I draw from those experiences to teach my children the fragility of the seas and how we must take care of it, not to take it for granted.
For these reasons, I was horrified when I saw a news story of the slaughter that is taking place in Japan. Sadly, the culture there promotes the murder of these brilliant creatures. They are brutally slaughtered before their family units, by either slashing their throats or savagely spearing them to death. The onslaught of death can take up to as long as six minutes. The slaughter leaves the sea red. Younger dolphins, if they are perfect specimens, may not be sacrificed, but are sold to the entertainment industry for performance. This is the largest mass dolphin killing in the world. The season of killing last for six bloody months. Between October and April, more than 20,000 of these graceful creatures will be slaughtered. Speak out against this barbaric and unnecessary practice now!
The government of Japan allows this slaughter and claim that it is a form of "pest control" since the dolphins may compete with a fisherman's catch. But the butchered dolphins are actually being sold off to supermarkets and grocery stores! I am aware that different cultures have practices that are not accepted in other cultures. But the slaughter of these animals is an abomination to our planet. Please take the time to view the video's below. I pray that your heart will be lead to write to the leader of Japan (address on "how can I help), as well as to halt your purchases of Japanese products from Japan until changes are made. Also, sign the petition to stop this brutal end of life. Additionally, write to your congressional representative and ask that they speak up. Finally, spread the word and ask those that you know to do the same. Don't just sit back and think it will go away. Do something about it.

"Never mistake motion for action"- Ernest Hemingway (Mote Marine Laboratory)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted this, Leigh.

Leigh said...

Thanks Miss Bossy Pants. I cannot beleive this goes on still today....