Friday, November 9, 2007

A Rambling look back....

A rambling look back on the week......
On Wednesday night the CMS's were on. I literally snuck out of the Helena Parade Christmas Parade Committee Meeting to be able to tune in. I am hopeful that, come parade day (Dec 1,2007) that there will not be floats lined up the wrong direction. Touche! I was 38 minutes late when I finally tuned into the CMA's. But what I did see, I had alot of thoughts on...
1. What was up with Rascal Flatts lead singers voice (Gary Levox)? When he sang with Jamie Fox, Gary's voice kept going out on him. I felt really bad and embarrassed for him. I am assuming laryngitis. I would've explained, if it were me.
2.Taylor Swift is so adorable. I was glad that she won the Horizon award. Her speech, "I can’t even believe that this is real. I want to thank God and my family for moving to Nashville so that I could do this. I want to thank country radio. I’ll never forget the chance you took on me. ... Brad Paisley, thank you for letting me tour with you. ... And the fans, you have changed my life. I can’t even believe this. This is definitely the highlight of my senior year." That cracked me up.
3. Kelli Pickler. Hmm. A air headed blond, but like Jessica Simpson (who was sitting in the audience) I think (hope) alot of it is an act. Like Kelli's idol Dolly, who has masterminded the dumb blond shtick and cashed in. Dolly is one smart cookie, I hope the same can be said for Kelli? The vote is still out. The song Kellie sang, "Gone to Tennessee" is an autobiographical one-and sad at that. The song is about her mother that abandoned Kelli. Kellie tried to suppress her emotions on the song but it got the best of her. Crocodile tears-big ones. Me too.
4.I was thrilled that Sugarland won duo of the year. I am so so so sick of Brooks and Dunn. I never have liked them musically. And I am so sick of watching awards shows only to see the Brooks and Dunn show. Sorry.
5. I am beginning to feel the same way about Rascal Flatts. Over exposure sometimes water downs the product. I hoped that Little Big Town would've won Vocal Group of the year.
6.By my count there were 20 songs presented live, which was awesome. In some past awards shows there is alot of talk, I wondered if the writers strike was the reason for that. I was glad to see that the show featured the artist rather selling if it's own product-that being the country music association. The songs ranged from Rascal Flatts' pop country to Miranda Lambert's fiery outlaw rock (Love her and love that sassy song) to Alison Krauss' lovely "Simple Love." The standout performances was easily Jennifer Nettles' powerhouse delivery of the emotional "Stay". All I can say is WOW! What soul! Little Big Town's still-potent "Boondocks" (the CMA's choice for them to perform) and the Eagles' textbook primer on country rock were certain second runner ups.
7. Kenny Chesney..if you read my blog you know that I LOVE his music. But didn't anyone see him before the show? Why didn't someone tell him to look in the mirror? He was swimming in his clothes and appeared as uncomfortable.
And onto other TV moments and news...
8. Finally Jane Seymour was voted off the show, Dancing with the Stars. I adore Jane. I have been a fan since "Somewhere in Time". She is a class act, but her dancing, while good- lacked attitude, in my opinion. Since Sabrina is gone (still reeling over that one) I am hopeful that Jennie Garth will win the disco ball-that's be my pick. But I was a huge 90210 fan (granted I was in my late teens and early 20's at the time). I know this will greatly embarrass other family members that I admitted it publicly. I have no secrets. I do think Mel B and Cameron have the best shots at it. Still rooting for Jennie.
9.Duane “Dog” Chapman says he can be taught new tricks — and one of them is never to use the “N-word” again. People...haven't we all learned something? Do people not watch the news? Why is this thing still going on? Why? Dog said the word to his son, Tucker urging him to break up with a black girlfriend. The phone call was taped by the National Enquirer and published. Learn from the examples of other "celebs" that have made the mistake of using the slur. Allow me to educate-the word is derogatory. It is inexcusable. I cannot fathom how people still use that in their daily language, no matter their ethnicity. This is 2007. Can we not move forward? No, not as long as that word continues to be used. Everytime that word is used it reflects a nasty past. Don't say it, don't use it. It IS offensive and only shows anyone that uses it in a light that is less than flattering. One word- you appear uneducated.
10. Finally-to go along with the dolphin theme this week- I saw this neat story on NBC...Dolphins save surfer from becoming shark's bait Surfer Todd Endris relives a shark attack that left him severely injured, and how a pod of dolphins formed a ring around him to enable his escape.
11. Did anyone hear the sonic boom from the space shuttle as it re-entered into the atmosphere on Wednesday? It shook my entire house and upset all of my dogs. Wow!
12. OK-EXCITING concert news. BON JOVI and CHRIS DAUGHTRY on the "Lost Highway Tour"!!!!!!!!!!!! What a lineup! They will come to Nashville, Tennessee (closet place to my neck of the woods) on April 24, 2008 at the Sommet Center. Oh- I Sooooooo want to go! That'll certainly take me back to the age of 16 again.
**Finally, I want to thank everyone that has reached out and offered support, well wishes and suggestions to both Tom and I in light of his recent diagnosis of diabetes. We have a wonderful circle of friends both in the "real world" and "cyber world". Sincere thanks-and keep those helpful hints and recipes (RECIPES!!!) coming.


HEWY said...

Ah The Sweet home Alabama floats. I love the Helena Christmas parade(except for the sirens). I hope they don't stop candy throws since that football player fell off the float)

Leigh said...

Don't sweat, HEWY....candy will still come your way. There is a new rule of one adult per 5-7 children on floats. This will hopefully curb the "voilent" candy throwers. You know the ones that want to peg a target rather than in good gesture gently throw candy to parade spectators.
Also floats muct have siderails.

Bella said...

Hi Leigh...thanks for stopping bu my blog. Late thirties??? PLEASE don't call yourself 'middle-aged'! Scares me as I'm there too!



p.s. Nice blog you have!

Abbey said...

I can see we think a lot alike .. I loved watching Sugarland perform .. her singing is obviously coming from deep down in her soul and it is more than "entertainment" - me too, tired of B&D Show .. have a Blessed weekend!


Leigh said...

Bella-thanks for the compliment! I enjoyed looking over your blog.I know I knwo about the age thing. The numbers don't scare is the rebellious nature that by body is gesturingthat is.
Abbey-I know. I thought the same thing. So sick of B&D. Sugarlands performance was the showstopper in my opinion. We do think alot alike!Great minds....

Anonymous said...

This from A&E Insider regarding, "Dog the Bounty Hunter"

"A&E has learned of the story released by the National Enquirer concerning Duane Dog Chapman. We take this matter very seriously. Pending an investigation, we have suspended production on the series. When the inquiry is concluded, we will take appropriate action. Again, In evaluating the circumstances of the last few days, A&E has decided to take Dog The Bounty Hunter off the network's schedule for the foreseeable future. We hope that Mr. Chapman continues the healing process that he has begun."