Sunday, November 4, 2007

Peter and the Wolf

(Photos by Leigh)

..............................On Saturday my sweet mother in law treated my children to a Birmingham Children's Theatre & Alabama Symphony Orchestra presentation of Peter and the Wolf. This is one of those things that I think is highly under rated. Sadly, I think that children are exposed to the arts at to late an age, where they haven't had the opportunity to develop an appreciation for things such as the symphony, the ballet and the theater. I think in today's modern world it is so much easier to just pop in a video or to put in a computer game for entertainment.

At Peter and the Wolf, my children were treated to the play itself with the symphony accompaniment. Afterwards there was a reception where cupcakes and drinks were served. Sister Sledge and J Smooth got an up close look at the instruments and actually got to play some of them. J Smooth even expressed interest in the violin (asking for one for Christmas). The children also got to make their own wolf, with art materials that were provided. They have already proudly displayed their artwork along with their Peter and the Wolf programs in their rooms. Actually, I am thinking of framing the program and the artwork together. The artwork on the program is so beautiful.

The Children's Theater is celebrating it's 60th anniversary. It is an institution that continues to delight children (and adults) of all ages.

**There are several wonderful productions coming up, including A Christmas Carol on December 8th at 2Pm. For more information on shows, go to

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For the Love... said...

When I was in school I lived in B'ham and we went to the Children's Theater every year.

My children's school takes them to the Shakespear Theater at least once a year and they always have a great time!