Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Disgusted over Animal Cruelty

I post this with complete and irrepressible disgust and anger. I am outraged at the recent attack on a small dog by what someone else would call a person. I wouldn't dare give them the benefit of being called as such. No person would ever skin an animal alive and leave it for dead. Not a person, but a monster.
Police said a Vinemont family's beagle was skinned alive and had to be euthanized, but a second beagle escaped with minor lacerations.He said he first thought his 3-year-old dog named Anne had been hit by a car, but after a closer look it was clear someone skinned his dog alive.Rodgers said her coat was removed from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail and down to the nipple line. The second dog, 3-year-old Buttercup, suffered lacerations around the neck and shoulder before apparently escaping.
I am beyond description for words to describe the anger and rage I am feeling. So much as so it scares me. If I could get a hold of that individual I would fear I would only want to do the same, as should be. That despicable imbecile should know the pain and torture that was inflicted on it's victim, the beagle, Anne. I pray that the sicko that did this is caught and punished to the highest penalty possible. I also urge you to write your legislators to insist for stronger animal cruelty laws. So many get away with a slap on the wrist, only to advance to even more violent crimes and progress to human victims. Pray with me that this monster is caught. We must insist on this. This is our justice system. We must hold it accountable to uphold justice!
An perfect example of this is the Limestone County man that has been charged with animal cruelty after four starving horses were found on about an acre of property in the Piney Chapel community.Athens had not provided the horses with hay, sweet feed or salt blocks in at least three months. The charge against Kirby is a misdemeanor!! Sheriff Mike Blakely said he would allow Kirby to post his $500 bond and would work with him on getting food for the horses. He will get his animals back. He cannot afford to keep them. While this case differs from the vulgar and violent skinning, it is the same. Animal Cruelty laws must be upheld and enforced. This is what I mean. It infuriates me.
I do know that a cash reward is offered to anyone with information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. If you would like to donate money to the fund, you may do so at any Merchants Bank. All you have to do is place the donation in the "Justice for Anne" fund, located at the bank. If you have any information about who's responsible for the crime, contact the Cullman County Sheriff's Office at 256-734-0342, or the Secret Witness Hotline (to remain anonymous) at 256-734-0210.


Valerie said...

I saw that on last night's news, too. Made my husband change the channel.

Just wondering . . . what makes you think you're pre-menopausal? Seriously, I just turned 40 in September and the last month or so I've been going out of my mind. Horrible hot flashes, night sweats and my normal beautiful skin has exploded worse than a teenager's. I have ZITS!!!!! I was just at the gyno's for my annual check-up in September and, of course, none of this was going on then. AAAAGGGGHH!!

Leigh said...

HAHA Valerie! Regarding your question....age among other things that you mentioned and some that you didn't. I cannot wait to have the endometrial ablation (see my post on my blog about this proceduce. You might have to do a search on it. I think I posted on it in Sept.) I hope that will help some things....