Monday, October 22, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

(Photo courtesy of Sharon K.)
This weekend was crazy, albeit fun. As I mentioned, my friends and I had a baby shower for my friend, Flo, at my house. At the very same time my husband and his mother held my youngest son a birthday party at (ewww) Chuck E Cheese. There were a few minor four dogs kept getting in past the barricade and running through the house during the shower, hot candle wax spilled onto my newly cleaned (by maxcare carpet) and made a huge mess. Aany suggestions as to remove it? Yikes-black candle on light beige carpet. The lady that was responsible for drinks for the shower, Lindy, had a snag in her plans so was unable to attend the shower until literally everyone was leaving. We got a guest from the party to leave and pick up more drinks and ice (THX MZ. Anne).
My husband was so irritated at me because, as he claims, he "had to do all the work at the birthday party". Maybe it will make him appreciate my job better. They didn't have reservations at the pizza place (booked for the time we needed) so they just showed up and somehow managed to hold 3 tables for the birthday. I hear he managed to pull it off just fine and all was well. Hurray for Tom! J. Smooth was so happy that every single friend of his got to attend. He came in and said, "Mom, I cannot believe that my friends all gave me such awesome gifts! I didn't know they would buy me such nice stuff". I was happy that he was excited.
My son , "Toes", just called. He was on his way to school this AM when he was involved in a traffic accident. He told me by phone is is ok, his car only a minor scratch. Apparently he was driving down the road, when another car turned into his lane to bypass an illegally parked car. The police said that Toes was not at fault. Thank goodness he and the other driver are ok. Toes sounded very calm and collected and went onto school. Prayers works. Just as the plaque by my front door reads I pray...."The Lord will command His angels to guard you in all of your ways." Psalms91:11
A funny thing about the "drink lady" (Lindy) that didn't show up for the party til the end, her husband, Shawn, played a joke on her. His boss called to say he was very ill and that his wife needed to come and get him. She went and it turned out that he had planned a surprise birthday party. Yes, at the same time as the shower!! She wanted to kill him. He had no idea that she was supposed to be somewhere. She said that there would be payback. In any case, Happy Birthday Lin.
Thanks to all who helped with Flo's shower: Kym, Joy, Judy, Sharon, Carey, Anne, Christy, Lindy, Courtney (and husband Michael for the well received dip. Need the recipe to post!).
It was a whirl wind weekend. In case you wondered-yes! Sister Sledge and Tom are both sick at home today (dreadful Chuck E Cheese) and I sent J.Smooth to school with a bad cough with instructions to cover his mouth and wash hands.
Forgive my rambling, for in the blog post I have jumped all over the place. I have sick ones at home though and am trying to type fast. My life is crazy, but I love it. In any case, there was much to celebrate this past weekend. Another birthday for my J Smooth and the preparation for a new baby, Jackson Lewis and my son Toes is just fine after his first fender bender. God is good.


Anonymous said...

...sorry to have missed the day with my girlfriends...glad you enjoyed the dip:

3 8 oz bag of cream cheese
2 can drained rotel
1 jimmy dean sausage roll (regular flavor)

cook sausage..drain
add cream cheese..once it's smoothed and mixed up..add rotel (drained) and simmer until all mixed.

It's quite the artery clogging recipe! So dont ruin it and try fat free or reduced fat products..just only make it twice a year..take a jog..dring LOTS of water for the remainder of week and enjoy!!


Leigh said...

Thanks Courtney! It is most appreciated and recommended!