Saturday, October 20, 2007

Weekend Ramblings

Just rambling......
My friend Flo's baby shower is tomorrow at my house. I am looking forward to it. She is having her first boy next month. Congratulations' Flo.
Godfree McNeely of MaxCare Carpet Cleaning came out yesterday and did his magic on my flooring. A free ad for MaxCare-I have used these guys for about 5 years. They are fabulous. My carpets are always spotless and smell amazing. To top it off, Godfree always brings you cookies. Before Maxcare I used SSteamer and Sears and was disappointed in both. With Maxcare I am always happy. I will never use anyone of those other guys again. HAHA! Man, I should be on a commercial. (LOL) I am crossing my fingers that no child spills anything and no dog's gets sick at their stomach. At least until the shower is over. Please, please, PUL-EZZE!! I did mangae to head off three little children that ran in my door last night from the school carnival with hot chocolate in hand. "Not the carpet!! It is clean and still wet!! Don't go in there!". Hey! They listened. Wow. Somebody likes me.Thank you. Please let it last. Smile on me this weekend.
Last night my dear friends and neighbors, the Carpenters took my 2 youngest kids with them to our intermediate school fall festival. May God Bless them. They had 5 kids total and chaperoned them all. I got to spend the evening running some much needed errands and some housework. That was a gift in itself to not have to go and my kids are so happy they got to. Life is good. Thank you Carpenter Family. Thank you! So appreciative.
I am bursting at the seams to share some family news that is so exciting, but I do not feel I can at this time. Look forward to upcoming blogs though. It will be done.
I got to have lunch yesterday with my precious little nieces, S J (almost 5) and Reese (a very mature 3-she talks and says things like an adult. It cracks me up things that come from her) as well as my mom. My nieces are so delightful. I got to hear all about their gymnastics and ballet. They also told me that they have never seen The Wizard of OZ!! That is one of my favorites. Aunt Leigh plans to have them over in the next couple weeks, pop some corn and have a sleep over. Can't wait! I am so blessed. I sent them each home with tattoos from the gum machine. My brother will probably frown on it, but why would I not do it then? He is my brother. Gotta rib him. HAHA. Hey, the tattoos had SPARKLES!!!!
I know a couple kids in the PHS Band so wanted to make mention that the PHS band is kicking off their Boston Butt and Ham fundraiser. I hear these are GREAT! They come hot and ready to eat, freeze or both and the hams are just in time for Thanksgiving! Saves some cooking time and spend it with your family. The Boston Butts are $30, they will be delivered on November 7th at the Band Room and the Hams are $35 and they will be delivered November 8th at the band room, both deliveries between 3 and 6. I’ll be happy to put you in touch with someone from the band who is selling them if you are interested. Just shoot me an email. The Boston Butts average 7.5 pounds before cooking and hams 11.5 pounds. All orders in by November 1st.
I went to Belks last night to get an under cabinet CD player with timer on it that was in ad for $27.00, regularly $50.00. I was so irritated when I got there to find that they were sold out (Alabaster). It burns me up that when a store puts something on ad and then they do not order enough. Why, WHY, WHY???? I really wanted that. I really need it so when I cook I can rock out while I am cooking up the family supper. Sure, I can blast the stereo or my computer with downloads but I want one that is hands on. That sucks. Belks, WHY???? I wanna ROCK! I want to ROCK! ROCK!
Another blessing....I am a certifiable germaphob. Really I am. I am sure I need to be on medication. I feel I am getting to Howard Hugh's level. I am sure I have mentioned it before. Anyway, with the shower at my house tomorrow I had to tell my husband and kids to find somewhere else to go. They weren't sure what they were going to do. It was about then that my dear mother in law rang in on the phone and invited Jack to go to Chuck E Cheese with her this weekend. He is 7 years old today and she wanted to do this as a birthday adventure. I told her that it was perfect that they could go during the party, it would give them all somewhere to go. She then offered to host a birthday party for Jack at that germ breeding ground of a place. JSmooth is delighted. Grandma is taking care of everything and told him to invite whoever he wanted. He invited all his little friends, many of them children of moms who will be at the shower. It will be allot of male bonding and football talk while the kids play, I can imagine. Thank you to my mother in law for doing that. You KNOW I cannot step foot into that place. I just pray that my kids don't come home with some virus, staff infection, or mystery disease. Believe me, they will all decontaminate as soon as they come home. I will be issuing out scouring pads and 100% rubbing alcohol followed by a long shower. Happy Birthday JSmooth!
Is anyone going to the Mentone Festival this weekend? I have noticed how the leaves are just beginning to change. I am sure it will be lovely. Wish I could go. I have to much to do and plan to make something chocolate for JSmooth for his birthday. My little chocoholic. If anyone goes, send photos.
On a personal and much more serious note, My prayers go out to my friend LM. Her child has had to undergo yet another life altering surgery. My prayers are with you. My God heal this baby and restore her health. Prayer is so powerful. Be strong in faith and wait , be still, for his blessings. I love you dearly. You have a circle of girlfriends around our precious family wanting to help any way we can. We have encircled you all and lifted you up in prayer. Love you so much. Things certainly fall into perspective -for all of us. Love to you.
Getting back to the daily grind.....My cousin Mel sent me a link this week. She said, " This has GOT to be your world !"
My kids and I laughed so hard while watching it. It IS my world. My every day. More than you know. The children repeatedly kept saying, "Yep! You say That". It was funny From now on, this will be my banner. I will play it every morning at home, to be listened to as the children eat their breakfast. I hope to save myself some hot air. Maybe it will begin to sink in. NOW IF I JUST HAD THAT BELK'S CD PLAYER!!!
Oh, I hear that I am to be added to's, Alabama blogs under: "Somewhere in Alabama". I don't know when it is to happen but will update when I know.....
I am about ready to go after my friends soon to be ex husband (not soon enough) that continues to wreak havoc on her life. He made terrible choices. Many of them. Hundreds of them. So many it is a soap opera. I have begged my friend to cash in on his misgivings and publish a book. At least it might be worth it. No, it wouldn't be. Her family is paying for his stupidity. No $$$ can put a price on that. Why can't he have been so unselfish as to see it? She is such a good person and does not deserve any of this. As her friend I am feeling very protective of her and would love to call up my good friend, Court and Judy (co-conspirator's in the private investigative world) and take him out to the barn for some good ole girl justice. We are out here. We know what you've done. The world does. You should hang your head in shame. Enough on that. Had to vent. Sorry. It is just my feelings, not actions.
Lastly, this weekend is Kentuck Arts and Crafts Festival in Tuscaloosa. I really want to try this out. I also think Tannehill is having their trade days. The weather is beautiful, get out and enjoy it!
Whew! Talk about "hot air"...ok, enough said.Have fun!

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