Thursday, October 11, 2007

Uncontrollable Laughter (read story first)

Tonight I was going through some old videos on my computer and happened to click on this one. It was taken this summer at the beach. My whole family went down together and were outside throwing the Frisbee. At the same time, this man was flying this colossal kite nearby. It was one that had two handles on it. It looked like a hang glider or something. It took the weight and might of the grown man to try at his earnest to keep the kite under control and from hitting the ground. I find humor in the oddest of things.
That night it was the kite taking nose dives unintentionally at my brother and son on the beach. Then it was some children walking down the beach. I know I am sick. I am weak. I couldn't help it. I lost it and tried to will the thing to hit my brother. It was about that time that my brother became a bit perturbed at me, "making a scene" and that only fed the fire. I laughed uncontrollably at his and Big Daddy's embarrassment (as well as my kids...). I laughed again tonight when I heard the madness in my laughter and saw the urgent pleading in my brothers face for me to shut up, and my son sitting in the sand, shaking his head. It took me right back there to that beach and that moment.
The laughter also reminded me of years ago, my mother and I watching a sitcom late at night (after the news and late night shows), "Night Court". We would laugh just as much at one particular audience member or fill sound as we would the scenes. There was always this one person who had this laughter that would permeate through all the other. We would just get so tickled. Some people just don't understand. They cannot comprehend the humor that I see in the oddest of all things. I come by it honest, although in some cases the genetic characteristic mutates and becomes unpredictable and cannot be tamed. This is an admittedly odd video from the family vault. I think they are making my bed at the "funny farm" right now. I hope you find laughter contagious...

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