Monday, October 29, 2007

Spirits Hover over the Chickamauga Battlefield

Some of the most chilling haunted places in the south are spots that were marked by the epic battles of the Civil War. In the southeast corner of the state is the Chickamauga Battlefield, a bloody battleground where thousands of men lost their lives. There are many legends told of the place, including that of "Old Green Eyes", a frightening apparition that is said to still walk the battlefield today. The photo was taken several years ago on the Snodgrass Battlefield by myself. My husband and I had stayed at the Captain Quarter's Bed and Breakfast for our anniversary(which I highly recommend The battlefield was in back of the B&B. In the photo, over Big Daddy's shoulder, to the left of the cannon-be sure to notice the fog, or-was it spirits -that loomed over the battlefield at dusk. It didn't look like fog, but like smoke. Perhaps a trace of history from another dimension of the battles that took place on that very spot??Believe me, it was no "special effect" by me or otherwise. I had to have Tom pull the car over to capture this shot. Ohhhhhh, ahhhhhh.......yeow!
(Be sure and read the link provided. The information is most fascinating!!)

BTW-the following is a link to a blog, Lisa Williams Mussings, where if you comment and or write a short story on yoru own ghost story you can win a prize.


Elizabeth F. said...

I've been there before. My hubby's grandparents live in Chattanooga!

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Heather said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my socks! I love them too.

I am enjoying your ghost story posts. I have a few of my own... I saw 2 ghosts when I lived in St. Louis. I guess I am just one of those "I see dead people" kinda girls. Wow, this sounds really bad for my first comment to you.

I swear I am not a total nut. Only half a nut. ;)

Leigh said...

I love Chattanooga. I have fmaily that live there too. Isn't the Battlefield area beautiful? I have never seen so many deer in all my life!

Anonymous said...

I love visiting the Battlefield! We've been there a few times. We live about 1.5 away but it's worth it.

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