Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Road Trip to Orlando

(Photo of our suite at the Disney Beach Club)
Last winter my husband planned a trip for the family to Disney World. What was once months of counting down, became weeks, then days. My children could hardly contain themselves. It was the first visit to Disney for my youngest child. So, last Thursday we loaded up the van and headed for Orlando. The trip down was a adventure within itself. We survived a near collision with a wild bob cat in Ozark (wow! I couldn't believe how big they grow them there), a family feud between children somewhere close to the Florida state line, and my husband's upset stomach and frequent bathroom breaks from Helena to Orlando. But, we made it. (even with my teenaged son at the wheel part way, and a 2 hour delay due to a traffic accident that shut down the freeway-no we were not involved. The son drove well, even managing NOT to hit a huge bob cat that ran out in front of us....we made it!)

For what my husband has declared "our last trip to Disney World....at least until the grand kids arrive"( which we do not anticipate being anytime soon). Because this is was our last official trip, my self admitted tightwad husband went all out. He was kind enough to make all the arrangements himself, which I relished being able to just pack a bag and show up. I was really surprised and proud at his planning and attention to detail.
We stayed at the Disney Beach Club Resort. It was very nice, complete with a pool almost the size of the hotel. It had a water slide and lazy river, sand bottom and in areas offered a "sand bar" for children to play. The kids all loved it. The suite was very nice and comfortable and slept our family of five very comfortably. This week I will cover little tid bits of our trip (what we did, what we ate, who we saw, etc...) as well as life and general ramblings of me-a premenopausal middle aged woman. with this crew, I am certain it will provide some entertaining reading.
Hope you have a great week!

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