Thursday, October 25, 2007

On Fire about alot.

Today I too am feeling the effects of Chuck's place. Although I didn't go, the sickness has spread itself to every person of this household. Last night I took my daughter to the Children's Hospital after hours clinic. She has been diagnosed with"cellulitis". It is painful for her. I am convinced of it's origin (to avoid a lawsuit, I will leave that to your imagination. I will go on to say, this is just my opinion. It may not be your's). My daugher, Sister Sledge, is on some heavy antibiotics. Everyone in this house goes unpunished for the jaunt to Chuck's place. No one, no one (que the scary, sinister laughter....ahh,hahahaha) goes unscathed!
Because of the rain, cold and fire that rages in my throat, I am working at home today. I know, I know....I always do. But today I am not even venturing out at all -well, until tonight anyway. My plans are to go up into the attic and bring down winter clothes and put up summer ones. I checked weather reports and it looks safe to do so now. I am packing up the shorts, or at least most of them. You never know, living in Alabama. One day it's as hot as blue blazes, the next colder than a witches boob in a tin bra (though it never snows!!). That is today's plan. It will take some time. We are cultured red necks, good breeding, we have a big family to go through alot of clothing. Fortunately I did alot of it in the attic a couple months ago when it was about 120 degrees up there at the time.
Tonight my daughter has a football game she has to cheer for. This is her last one of the 2007 season. The low tonight is 49 degrees, according to our local meteorologist. I will be packing a thermos of hot cocoa...or that is what I will claim it is anyway! Just kidding. But it will just be something to warm me up.
I actually am so excited about this weather. I love fall and am glad it looks to finally be here. As I drove down highway 31 in Pelham yesterday, I took notice of Oak Mountain and the few trees beginning to change colors. It will not be long until it looks like a fiery hillside blazoned with rich color. I am anxious to see it. Let's just hope the fire in my throat has been put out by then. I am banking on the hot thermos of liquid medication tonight.

**Speaking of fire, my blog sitemeter and blog counter lets me know that there are occasionally some readers from California to visit "General Ramblings". If I might be so bold, I am speaking for those of us in the south, to say that our hearts and prayers go out to all of you for your loss and devastation as a result of the fires. God be with you all.

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