Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Weekend

I had an interesting and busy weekend. I was sick all weekend so felt pretty bad, but I kept on ticking. I can do a fine impression of Rita Crosby, as my voice has also succumbed to sickness. On Saturday I did a portrait sitting for the sweetest family at Aldridge Gardens. The weather was perfect, I don't think we could've planned it any better. Afterwards I went to La Fiesta and met my family there, as well as Janet and Randy Young and their daughter, A. and her boyfriend. Randy moved to Houston, TX. last May so it was wonderful to be able to see him and give him a big hug. The Young's are such good friends to us, the kind you just have that forever connection with. They are more than friends, they are family. From there I was to go and meet another good and very dear friend that has moved away, Deborah Hembree. She and some friends of her's had braved it and found themselves at the Sloss Furnace Haunted House. As it turned out, the line was really long at Furnace and my body needed rest so I could not go and meet her. I did talk to her on the telephone, and she and I recounted the last time she had gone there and chaperoned a group of boys. It was at least 4 or 5 years ago. She practically had to drag my son through the scary house. He still doesn't want to go back. HAHA! Before retiring to bed, I finished working on the t-shirt image that will go on the Helena Christmas Parade Committees shirts. I think it turned out pretty well. I hope they all like it.
On Sunday I had planned to go over to the O'Brien's house with Joy Childers so that I could to photograph the O'Brien's while she interviewed them for a project for the Helena Christmas Parade Committee (which I am a part). However we have postponed it for later in the week. The O'Brien's are very giving in the community but discreet in doing so. For this reason the O'Brien family has been selected to be the Grand Marshall's for the 2007 Helena Christmas Parade. The parade will be here before you know it, as it is only 4 weeks until the parade date. Go to the city web site for more information:
Since I had some extra time, Tom and I went to Lowe's and picked out new doors to be installed around our home. Every one of our doors has succumbed to rot. I think it is the area we live in. I have heard many of our neighbors also having this problem. Our resolution was long overdue. I can't wait to get the doors on our home. With the temperatures falling, it is a welcome necessity to our electric bill.
As I have mentioned, I had some friends over last weekend and we were all sitting outside on my deck. While innocently soaking up the weather, we began to be bombed by acorns dropping off of the trees, relentlessly. Joy told of the old wives tale, that if the acorns fall early in the fall it is certain to be a harsh winter. She went on the explain the meaning was that animals have to gather in preparation for the harsh winter. I just hope we get some snow, enough for my kids to enjoy.
This evening we went to Ichiban's Japanese Steakhouse in Vestavia to celebrate my brothers 34th birthday. Ichiban's is one of my favorite restaurant's and we do not get to go very often ($70-something bucks, and one of my children only got rice. Another a kids meal and we ordered 3 adult meals, mine was only vegetables. Pricey for a family of 5!). I enjoyed every last spoonful of my vegetable dinner. Man, that is the best food. What a way to end the weekend! I hope yours was equally as nice.

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