Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Hook Hand

This ghost story comes courtesy of good family friend (who happens to be my, my husband and my brother's former middle school principal of Simmons Jr High) Bob Chapman. Bob claims that this actually happened to a friend of his and that he was at the actual parking spot when this happened.
On a summer night in Alabama, a boy and a girl drive out to a spot on a brow known as lovers lane, where overly hormonal teens would park and make out. Parked in the darkness, they heard on the radio that a man escaped from a local State Hospital, several miles from the local high school, and was terrorizing innocent people on a murder-spree. He was described to have lost his hand and years ago it had been replaced by a large metal hook. He had hacked off his own hand in a fit of madness , trying to escape a pair of handcuffs years earlier.
The boy thought nothing of it, switched off the radio and turned his attention to his girlfriend.
Suddenly, small noises erupted from nearby. The girl pulled away, frightened. "I'm scared. You know, about what they said on the radio? Maybe we should go home."
"No way, do you want your parents to find out we didn't go to the movies? Just relax." As they picked up where they left, they didn't hear anything for a while until there was a loud screech on the door, obviously coming from the girl's side of the car.
"That's it, take me home! It's not safe out here!"
Her boyfriend, senselessly frustrated, reluctantly agreed. He complained all the way home, insulting her for "being such a baby". Barely waiting for the car to stop, the girl angrily opened the door and got out of the car as they pulled up to her driveway. Slamming the car door, ready to go inside, she froze, staring at the car. She started to scream.
The boy, growing a bit alarmed, got out of the car and walked around to her side, where he too, stopped where he stood and could only stare at the door handle in frightened amazement. Found hanging from the car door, was a bloody hook, just dangling in place.
This is another urban legend that I have heard told in different ways, but basically the same. Bob claims it is true. But then again, that's just Bob. I believe the original origin of this tale came from Texarcana. There is a fine write up on it Here:

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