Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Disney Thoughts and Ramblings

(Photo's courtesy of our kind waitress at the Beach Club)
I have posted much on our trip to Orlando, but there were just a few non-meaningfulramblings that I wanted to make mention of.....
The run down:
Favorite Rides (of either Magic Kingdom-MK or Epcot-E)

Twinkle Toes (the oldest son)-#1 Mission space, E #2 Soarin,E #3 Test Track
Sister Sledge-#1 Mission space, E #2Soarin, E #3 (tie)Rockets, MK and Test Track, E
J. Smooth (youngest)-#1 Soarin, E #2 Splash Mountain, MK #3 Rockets,MK
Leigh-#1 Mission space, E#2 Soarin, E #3 Test Track, E
Tom-#1 Test Track,E #2 Mission Space,E #3 Soarin, E

Father-Son Bets/Gambing between family
While in Orlando, my husband and eldest son got a little challenge going. They were having a contest to see how many "War Eagles" and "Roll Tides" each one got. My husband, Tom had an unfair advantage. Everything he packed was Auburn related. Each day he had packed an Auburn shirt, socks and hat. Brock had only brought his Alabama hat. The competition became very competitive ("ridiculous", as "Toes" stated) Tom received 23 war cries, one elderly lady even walked up to him and sang the fight song. "Toes" received only 3. Again, "Toes" was at the disadvantage not being cloaked in his school's gear. Tom did relently tell us how Auburn was a "family", "just like the commercial professes". Although I am a Tide fan, I was sold on the allegiance. "Toes" did pass a few Tide fans and got nothing. He did get a "Ball State" high five for his Ball State shirt (purchased on another family trip. We have family that are Ball State alum). It was a friendly competition that played out really funny between rides.

My personal favorite food choices:
Teppan Eddo, Japan in World Showcase at Epcot
Boulangerie Patisserie, France in World Showcase at Epcot. (where I sat beneath the "Eiffel Tower" amd enjoyed a cheese plate with a chocolate mousse dessert. Exceptional!
Cape May Cafe at the Disney Resort Beach Club. So good we ate there twice. Once at supper where the theme was New England Clam Bake. This seafood-and-more buffet offers a mouth-watering assortment of all-you-care-to-eat clams, mussels, shrimp, barbeque ribs, chicken and prime rib. But it didn't stop there. There were plenty of salads and vegetable choices for me. A bonus was the children's sized mini buffett where there were hotdogs, mac and cheese and chicken fingers. We also make sure to savor a delicious assortment of seaside sweets, including the heavenly Oreo Bon Bon, key lime tarts and personal sized cheesecakes. We did our character breakfast at Cape May too. We were glad we did. We got our day off to a hearty start with an all-you-care-to-eat breakfast featuring breakfast favorites like eggs, seasonal fruits, meats, pastries and Character-shaped waffles. At this charming seaside you dined with beloved Disney Characters. Because of the time of year and it was early 7AM, we almost had the place to ourselves. Goofy even sat down and played a personal game of tic-tac-toe with my two youngest kids. He then went on to "tell" about his feelings about AU and U of A. HA-HA! Minnie was there as well. She was particularly fond of "Toes" and posed nicely for some photos. Chip and Dale were all there as well (we didn't wait for Mickey to show-but we did see him at both parks). I have many photos to embarrass my children with for years to come. Fun!


HEWY said...

I liked Soarin and Race track also! I'm not a big rolling coaster person (I road Everest but I was happy to finish it). My favorite food is getting a drink or snack from everyplace in Epcot's worlds.

Leigh said...

ahh, yes...the food! wasn't that awesome? I too am not big on coasters (the heights thing)but I did love these. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Ball State rox! The first love of my life, now himself happily married like myself and coaching football, played football at Ball State in the mid 90s. Plus, Letterman went there.

Leigh said...

That's why I like it-Letterman. Love Letterman!