Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cabins in Mentone

The wonderful Mentone Festival is preparing to take place on the brow of the mountain in Mentone, Alabama the third weekend of October. Last weekend I had the opportunity to take a country drive to Mentone and enjoy the sites. Mentone is such a treasure of our state. The area offers so much-of which I will discuss and have discussed in past and future blogs. On this occasion, After driving into Mentone from Highway 11 I took the second left turn off the mountain road, just past the White Elephant Antiques. Up the road on the right there are some gorgeous "cabins" going up. While looking around one we were treated to watching a group of deer in the back yard, complete with young spotted fawns. Even our young puppy made himself at home and enjoyed the scenic wooded walks. Ya know, I was quite ready to make a down payment on a beach property, but was so taken by the mountain beauty and air....if you are looking for a peaceful place to vacation or for a second home, it is certainly worth a look.

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