Monday, October 1, 2007

The Bar-B-Q Place

The Bar-B-Q Place, located in Fort Payne, Alabama is one of the "elite" restaurants featured in the Alabama tourism's brochure, 100 places to Eat in Alabama before you Die. While up in the area, I took out my dog eared brochure and read that the "JoJo Potatoes" are a must try. Potatoes are one of my downfalls, so I had to taste for myself and see if the Jojo's were all they claimed to be. Collectively those in my party ordered BBQ sandwiches, slaw, baked beans, french fries, and the jojo potatoes. We all shared and sampled. The BBQ received good ratings and the sauce was a wonderful accompaniment. I personally preferred the hot BBQ sauce to the mild and didn't find the hot was "sweltering" by any means. The slaw was a mayonnaise based slaw, although not my preference-I prefer a vinegar base, but those that got it found it good. The baked beans were very well received. The jojo potatoes were what I had come for, and they were very good. The Jojo's were round, sliced thin cut potatoes, that have been battered then fried. The were very good -even better when eaten with the specialty secret jojo/chicken finger sauce for dipping. My aunt said the sauce reminded her of a thousand island sauce. I found it to have more of a lightly spicy flavor. While we dined on our lunches, I noticed the carry out specials. I knew that my family at home were preparing to watch the Alabama and Auburn games on TV, so I opted to carry home the chicken finger bucket special for $13.99. The "bucket" consisted of 1 lb. of tender chicken fingers, a tray of the "infamous" jojo potatoes, a pint of slaw (which I substituted for baked beans) , 6 oz of specialty chicken finger sauce and 4 pieces of white bread. I was glad I bought it, for when I returned home the family was ready for a meal and all enjoyed it immensely.
If you are interested in trying out the jojo potatoes-or any of the fare mentioned in this review, The Bar-B-Que Place can be found at 1502 Gault Avenue South, Fort Payne, AL 35967 (directly off of Highway 11) in a very unassuming little brick building.
(256) 845-6155

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