Friday, September 7, 2007

Just Who I am:Poets & Pirates:Music Review

I had the opportunity to sit down tonight at listen to Kenny Chesney's new CD, "Just Who I am: Poets & Pirates" that is to be released on September 11. As a huge Kenny Chesney fan, I have to be honest, this his 13th record shows some wear. For a young man (he is 39) who has been on tour and produced a new album every year for the past 13 years it was bound to happen sometime. Give this man a break-and a vacation. I hope he will take one. He is a self admitted workaholic who in his 3 month downtime is drawing up plans for his next tour. Kenny needs relax and take time to draw some new experiences and to savor life so he can breathe that life into his songs. Unlike that of his past albums, Kenny did not contribute to the writing of any of the songs on his new album, siteing writers block and a rough year following his breakup with his wife of a few months, Renee Zelwegger. I will not go as far to say that this album is bad, it isn't "bad" but the material just doesn't hold up his past work. I am sure I will purchase a copy. Perhaps it was just my unfamiliarity with the songs, perhaps they will grow on me. But I have a feeling, his previous CD's will still be in heavy rotation in my CD player. His track listings are below with my own opinion about each song.

Just Who I am:Poets & Pirates
Never Wanted Nothing More -The first released track and a smart move, because it is the best on the album. You have to pull in your listeners with something that sounds familiar-and this song does just that.

Don't Blink- Another good track and the second release from the album. My favorite off of the album. Love this look back on life. Alot of wisdom and truth in this song.

Shiftwork (Duet With George Strait) -Sorry Strait fans, I was bored with this one. Maybe it will grow on me.

Just Not Today- If it were me, I would release this as his third or 4th single from the album.

Wife and Kids -I can feel Kenny pouring his heart out on this one (although he didn't write it). It seems very reflective of his life. I felt a certain sadness for a man who has it all, but nothing that truly matters.

Got a Little Crazy-Kenny loses some speed in this track and seems uninspired.
Better as a Memory -I think I feel asleep while listening....

Dancin' for the Groceries-A song about a stripper. Kenny, get off the road and find some better material you can draw from. Boo, hiss......

Wild Ride (Featuring Joe Walsh) -I am also a Walsh and Eagles fan, however I was disappointed that this didn't have more substance . The guitar solo was the best part.

Scare Me I liked this one. It is a ballad.

Demons -haunting tune about temptation. Written with Jon Randall and legendary Opry stalwart Whisperin' Bill Anderson. The hushed ballad explores the undermining things that haunt us in ways that which feeds us never will - and it is supplemented by the presence of classic modern country icon Vince Gill.

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