Thursday, August 9, 2007

The innocence of childhood friendships

This poem came from my self poetry book. I started writing in it when I was in middle school. I still write in it. The poem was written in October of 1994 (I was 24), as I reflected on my life and the changeslife brings. It was written about my friends, Jenny and Greg, I will love you both forever!  No matter how much time passes, how many mountains or bodies of water may seperate us...... where I am, where I go with me. I think you will recognize the locations in the poem. It brought back wonderful memories.

The sun is setting now and clouds are closing is
Three kids sitting on an old flat rock where an Indian jumped in sin
So young and innocent, they thought life was theirs,
that all they needed to get by was a wing and a prayer.

Dogs barking in the distance, Kids lying on a pier
The weather was cold and brisk but their time together was dear
Talking about the future and what it could hold,
never knowing that tomorrow was when the world would all unfold.

Patience pays off as the stars begin to shine
sharing secrets about their dreams they believed the whole world was kind
Friends for life-it was a bond that they would never break
but then things took a turn when one made a shattering mistake
The other two were so supportive, but were confused as with any white lie
But a friend is a  forever friend and my friend was worth the try.

Sometimes its sad how life goes on
They no longer are able to share the secrets between one aother but the memories, they remain
The still have each other although  distance keeps them away
Though they are connected by heartstrings and these will never fray.

Memories take me back to yesterday,
my heart aches at times to realize that there is so much left to say
you never know when your time is up, I have learned this the hard way

Life is precious and so shortly lived
I hope they know how much I love them and my heart to them is what I give.

Today as I watch the sun go down behind the mountains
And the moon rise above the trees
I cannot help but think back and recall, when it was just us three
Driving through the streets so wild and recklessly never wanting to be found...
We were running away from it all, knowing what the other was thinking without muttering a sound
Through each other we lived life to the fullest
And this alone brings a smile to my face, because our innocence was always the truest and our friendships will never be replaced.

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