Thursday, August 23, 2007

Floating Condo's

Floating Condos By Leigh Bratina
Have you heard of or seen this, "Floating condos"? Last weekend while in Guntersville, I noticed these little floating "cabins", if you will, out in the water of Lake Guntersville. It is not a new concept, these condos have been on Lake Guntersville since 1998. They are largely appealing to anglers who can just tie up their boat to the dock, step off, and walk about 10 feet to their bed. If necessary, one could even cast a rod from a coveted spot on the sofa. But with views like this, who would want to stay inside?
The floating cabins offer a different experience than just a regular hotel room. Prices are only $100 in the off season, and $199-$299 in the active summer months. The units have one or two bedrooms, a private bath and kitchen. The units also feature all the modern conveniences of today-central heating and air, telephone service, grills and picnic tables, even Internet service. Boats and jet skis are available for rental-or bring your own!
Many people would relish being rocked to sleep by the gentle softness of a lakes current tide. I can't think of a better way to drift off to sleep. A word of advice: Just be sure to close the door so if you should roll out of bed, you won't end up in the lake.

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