Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Ashville House Tearoom, I discovered, makes a delicious Napoleon

On a recent trip to Gadsden to visit family, I drove with my mother down the scenic Alabama country highway 411. As we approached Ashville, Alabama, I asked my mother, Sharon, to retrieve the brochure of the 100 places to eat in Alabama before you die (a 2007 feature brochure by the state tourism site). She read aloud Ashville's entry, "The Ashville House Tearoom, famous for it's strawberry napoleon". "We are going to try it to say we did before we die!" I said as I turned the car into the drive. The tearoom is located at Highway 231 and 3rd Street (2 miles off of I-59). As we made our way into the drive of the tea room, I was struck at the homes beauty. The home is a 1890 Victorian area home, crafted with gingerbread lattice and sweeping porches and is listed on the state of Alabama landmark directory.
We were immediately seated, although the directory did say it requested reservations. The surroundings were decorated of the era and were tastefully dine so, nothing to extravagant. Mother was hungry so she decided she wanted to try out their lunch fare prior to the dessert. She ordered the pot roast. Her meal came with cooked potatoes and carrots and freshly sliced tomatoes for $6.45. Mom said it was delicious and she felt it had been cooked in a pressure cooker based on the tenderness of the meat and vegetables. Her meal was also served with cornbread (a bit dry and crumbly,... it ain't momma's). I ordered the potato soup and garden salad for $5.45. The salad was pretty with iceberg lettuce, matchstick carrots, grapes, and the reddest most freshest tomatoes. I inquired about homemade dressing, but was told that all the dressings were store bought so I went for an Italian vinaigrette that was tasty and filled with herbs. The potato soup contained chicken meat, on close inspection (I am a vegetarian) so I asked for a to go cup to take it home with my mom. After our lunch I excitedly ordered the strawberry napoleon. It was a treat for the eyes, as well as the taste buds. It consist of almond flavored custard topped by a flaky phyllo pastry and a big dollop of whipped cream. Strawberry's encircled the china plate and were sweetened with a notable light detection of confectioners sugar glaze. It was enough for mom and I to share and for only $4.95 it was a bargain.
After dessert we were allowed to investigate the house in it's entirety. Downstairs, there is a small gift shop. Credit cards are accepted. I will definitely pass the tea room suggestion onto friends and family. I also noticed a nice Bed and Breakfast in town, just a few blocks away. I hope to soon make it there and revisit the tea room, only to leisurely stroll back to my quaint room at the Roses and Lace B&B. For more information on the tea room and the B&B visit:


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....I love the piece about the Tea Room in Ashville....I must go there! sandie