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Thrifty Thursday # 57, plus a Tablescape

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I recently paid a visit to a local antique mall and came across this old wooden box, that once was used for shipping Wilson's Roast Beef. I liked it and for about six bucks, I thought it was a bargain.
I took it home and decided to put my cookbooks in it for now.
OK, some of my cookbooks. I love cookbooks and have quite a collection.
The ones inside are some of my most favorite, for they are for "cooks" like me, who prepare "real food".  Food that is for real people. I like that.

And I like my wooden box.

What thrifty finds did you come up with this week?

Now, onto to Tablescape Thursday, which is hosted by Susan of Between Naps on the Porch.

My tablescape a flashback and is in honor of Miss Peg, who is Big Daddy's grandmother. Miss Peg is a delightful lady. She was always the life of the party. She found a reason to celebrate everyday. Today, her celebrations are forgotten, as she is a victim of the mentally crippling disease, Alzheimer's. We are lucky though, in the fact that Peg still remembers us. And she remembers many stories of her past (though she cannot tell you what happened five minutes ago). She has had a fascinating life and shared many of her stories, all of which I have documented to preserve for her great grandchildren and future generations. Like me, Miss Peg was big into family, preservation, traditions. And so, this post is a complete reflection of her.
(Pictured L to R are my husband, "Big Daddy", Miss Peg, and my husband's twin brother, "The Artist". Circa 1975 taken at Bonita Beach, where Peg and her husband retired to after living in CT)
Peg is a proud Irish woman. She traveled to Ireland before the death of her husband and was able to trace her roots even further and to go to places that were of sentimental importance to her. It was a memorable time for her. While on her visit, she purchased some pieces of Belleek China, that she has passed onto me.
The pieces are so fragile, that I was quick to photograph them and put them promptly away. Miss Peg is a big lover of tea, just as I am. I was honored that she would pass these onto me.
The small bowl, immediately makes me think of a story that Peg told me about when she was a child, she and her siblings would come home from school and be hungry for a snack. Her mother would serve them Irish Soda Bread. Peg would want her "toast", as she called it, in a bowl with some milk poured over it. She said, "It was the most delicious snack you could imagine". Peg gave me her hand written recipe for the Irish Soda Bread. I have it framed in my kitchen.
On my tablescape, an antique pair of dainty lace gloves and a Celtic cross, a nod to Miss Peg's heritage.
My tablecloth, is another find at my friend Diva's mother's home (a two hundred year old home, story here). A certain antique. I love the spring colors in it.

What is a tablescape without the food?
We served Reubans, Potatoes and Peg's Soda Bread for supper (along with a side of green beans).
I invite you to stop by my food blog, PLATES & PLACES, tomorrow for Foodie Friday! My Irish food fare recipes is all listed there.

The winner of the Vintage Jar Giveaway is Patti of yearn for the Sun. Congratulations, Patti! Please email me your mailing address and the initial you want on your jar. I will send it out as soon as the initial is cut and sent to me.

I will be announce another giveaway late next week.
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Thank you for your friendship and support!

Thanks to all of you for stopping by and participating in today's Thrifty Thursday.

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Thank you, all, FRIENDS! I appreciate YOU!
Thrifty Participants:


Jane said...

Hi Leigh,
I love the old wood box. Those type of boxes with advertising on them are my favorites.
Thanks for hosting once again!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Leigh,
Thanks for hostessing! I love your little vintage box and it's a perfect fit for your cookbooks!
Have a great Thursday too!

Bama Belle said...

Love the TT post Let me know what initial needed!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello Leigh...

My friend, that was a lovely tribute to your husband's Grandmother, Ms. Peg! I am so sorry that she suffers from Alzheimers...but how wonderful that she still has her past memories to hold onto and share with others! I loved the photo of her and your can just see the love and adoration that she has for her grandsons in her eyes! Ohh my, what a precious treasure that she passed on to you...your Beleek bowl and cup are sooo pretty! Thank you for sharing them with us!

My friend, I just love old vintage boxes and your roast beef box is awesome! It's the perfect fit for some of those favorite cookbooks!

Thank you so much for hosting Thrifty Thursday for us once again, Leigh! I love Thrifty Thursdays!!!

Have a fabulous day!
Chari @Happy To Design

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

I love that tablecloth as well...beautiful color combination.

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

Happy St. Patty's Day! Thanks for hosting this fun party!

I love that Wilson's meat box! Great find!

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Hi Leigh!

Love the box! And those dishes are stunning!!
Thanks for hosting! Have a wonderful day!!

Leanne said...

I love that box. I have a couple cheese boxes. I would love to find onw of these too. Thanks for hosting again.

iheartsunnydays said...

I'm loving the box...mmmm roast beef! Thanks for hosting such a great party - I love it!

molly susan strong said...

Do you know what they say about those of us who have a thing for boxes? Very sensuous! I do not remember who told me but it may have been my own MOM! Love a good box!

Unknown said...

That china is just lovely - and it's one more thing I'm trying not to collect! Its so hard because there are so many great patterns out there!


the decorating chica said...

Love your romantic home. Tried to link up but don't think it worked.

Stephenie from Decorating Addiction said...

Leigh - what a good idea with the boxes. My husband and I have been picking up all of these old boxes because we love the old advertising, but we never know what to do with them. Great idea! Thanks for hosting the party!

a little bit of everything said...

Hi, well, my mother, also "Peg" handed down several pieces of Belleek china to me, the oldest, and my mother in law's claim to fame was her Irish Soda Bread which I occasionally now make for my father in law. All have distant roots in Ireland. I have become a follower and invite you to do the same!

Heidi said...

Hi Leigh,
That box is just perfect for your cookbooks! Thanks for sharing the story of Miss Peg. How fortunate that she still can remember you, and that you are there for her. It's wonderful that you are preserving her stories for future generations.
I thought I had linked in to the party last night, but no! So I'm way on the bottom of the list, but still happy to be at the party! Thanks for hosting!
Have a nice weekend,
Heidi - Heart and Home