Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cornbread, "a Southern Treasure" *Contest*

We are unearthing a little treasure today. One that has been buried for just a special day such as this. And I have to say, that all this unearthing is dedicated to my friend Freddy Sanchez (guest poster today). He just got such a tickle (and still does) at my going to the National Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Remember? He had never heard of such a festival and loves to talk about it. Anyway, I thought it time to have a little fun and see what we can dig up.
Why not a giveaway? Cornbread Style! And lets make it interesting. Leave a comment telling me the craziest festival that you have been to. What you did there. Share pics if you've got them. If so, I will run them when I announce a giveaway winner.
Oh! That! What'll you win? Why a bag of goodies from the National Cornbread Festival. Items such as a pen, t-shirt (medium), cornbread mix, recipes and cookbook. It's a good 'un! So dig up your favo festival and let me hear about it. You all know I love a good festival.
I will pick a winner on Monday July 21st and announce here, on the island. Can't wait to hear your tales!


Lindsey said...

In my hometown of Arab, AL, we had a Poke Salad Festival every year in May. Loads of contests and fun....

The Roaming Southerner said...

KW is a fan of weird festivals so here are some of our favorites:

-the National Book Festival (on the Mall Washington, DC. It is amazing! Get to see some really neat authors and got yelled at by Karem Abdul Jabar.)

-Sunflower Festival (in GA where KW ate his first Fried Nutter Butter, which began our annual Fry Party-frying everything in site!)

-Strawberry Festival (in VA where we ate everything strawberry and had a strawberry throwing contest)

-the weirdest Renissance Festival EVER (in Michigan where KW was picked up by a gay pirate...that is just another story)...

Those are the best ones. We've done chili, bbq, music, movies...but never a cornbread. That will be next!

j said...

OK, the 'festival' itself is not that interesting but..

When I was in 4th Grade, we went to the Birmingham Festival of Arts. 'Cept I couldn't say it right, and it always came out Festival ofFarts. I never could make it sound like I wasn't going to a Poot Fest.

And cornbread DESERVES it's own festival. I could go for some cornbread and Butterbeans right now. Yum!


Deedra said...

I grew up is Sylacauga(home of the Chalaka Indians) and each year to honor the Chalaka Indians we would have the Chalaka Arts and Crafts Festival. Many years, my mom would have a booth set up filled with crafts that we had worked on all year.
I have also attended the Kentuck Art Festival in Northport Alabama, the national Peanut Festival in Dothan Alabama and of course the Alabama Shakespear Festival (does that count?)

R. Mansfield said...

I had a great time myself at the National Cornbread Festival. I think I got the same bag of goodies, so I won't enter the contest myself. However, I've just added a link to your post in our newest "Cast Iron Around the Web" entry at http://www.cookingincastiron.com

So you may get few more folks try!

Keetha Broyles said...

You will just DIE to know that Yankee (even midwest Yankee) cornbread is SWEET. I know, I know - - - NOT the southern way.

I love it BOTH ways. The southern kind is GREAT with a fish fry or fried chicken. But our yankee kind is just plain yummy all by itself - - - especially if it is OOOOOZING butter - - - REAL WISCONSIN BUTTER.

Anonymous said...

When we first moved over to Lafayette Louisiana, folks kept talking about all the festivals. I thought they were kidding ! One a week from the first day of spring til the first day of winter. The bestest one was the Crawfish Festival, in Breaux Bridge. Of course all the usual suspects, crawfish, shrimp, seafood of all variations, great people (those darned cajuns), good music(zydeco) and well more good food. The funniest thing was the mascot dressed as a crawfish! Wish I still had custody of the pics. But that's another story.

Anonymous said...

You won't believe this- But I promise I went-I was about 10 then and I remember it like it was yesterday! I'm tellin ya, was seriously disturbed when I was there!
My grandparents used to live in Southeast MS- way down in the sticks! Their town, Raleigh, MS, used to have a "tobacco spitting" contest/festival every year! The entire family, kin and cousins loaded up and went one year! Don't ask me why? Oh my Lord, this city girl had NEVER seen such- Totally gave new new meaning to the word REDNECK! and it was about 155* that summer- Honestly, men, children, women and dogs were out there just a spittin in a pasture- To see who could spit the farthest!
Those were before the days of cell phones, so I could not call someone to come rescue me- So, I was stuck there the entire freakin day! Watchin all that spittin! and I haven't been the same since!

Charnita said...

We went to lots of festivals in Tampa.
At St. Pete there was a Rib Fest-
Featuring the best ribs in the USA.
We got there with 40,000 others--- literally!! Some good hair band was playing....can't remember which one.....The line was SOOO long for the ribs - and we didn't take lawn chairs and there was NO WHERE to sit-- so we walked the MILE BACK to our car and went to a restaurant to eat.
Then there was the CRAB fest in Clearwater- after the rib fest experience we warded off "fests" of any kind.

Travis Cody said...

I've been to the Garlic Festival in Gilroy CA. And I love cornbread!

But not garlic cornbread.