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Thrifty Thursday #147, Plus a Tablescape

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I have a thing for old doors, windows and beds. I like the solidity of them. They make a statement.
It is so sad for me to go into an antique store or a thrift store and see those once loved beds (and doors) stacked up against a wall.
All those unloved beds, there is possibility and promise out there. You just have to look beyond the ugly. Beyond the scratches, the bad paint jobs and ugly decals. Those things can be sanded down, painted over or removed. Think out of the box.

Have you ever seen a bed bench? It's an actual bench made from a unloved, or even a dearly loved bed. The same can easily be made with an old door.

It is really isn't difficult, if you know a thing of two about using a powersaw and screwdriver.
Both of which I have no skill at so I am looking for a good carpenter. Know one you can loan me?
Years ago I inherited my mother's bed that she had when she was a little girl. It currently sits in my basement, awaiting to properly be loved once again.
I would LOVE to repurpose it into a bench for my mother.
Want to try making a bench too? Here are the basic instructions.

Bench from a Bed Instructions
1.Find yourself a bed (headboard and footboard)

2.Cut the FOOTBOARD in half
3.Screw one of the headboard pieces to the side of the footboard.
4.Repeat with the next piece of headboard, afixing to the other side.
5.use a side rail if you have it. If not try using a 1x 6 piece of wood. Screw to the front of the footboard pieces. This will form the seat. It should be about 14-17 inches from the floor. (Depending on your size of bed, and the height of the person)
6.Take a 1x4 and screw it into the back of the 1x 6. Then take another 1x4 and screw near the bottom of the headboard. These two boards should line up together. These will hold the slating for the seat. Be sure to use a level. No one wants a slanted seat!
7.For the seat, cut 1x4 slats like the ones you used on the bottom of the bed...or you can cut a solid piece of plywood and use that to make a cushion by stapling batting and foam to the plywood. Or...purchase a cushion.

On Friday I plan to feature some of my Thrifty Thursday contributors, so be certain to drop by on Friday! It is all of YOU who make THIS a PARTY!!!!!

Now, onto to Tablescape Thursday, which is hosted by Susan of Between Naps on the Porch.

                  All of these products can be found at  AT HOME  in Homewood, Alabama.

What is a tablescape without the food? I invite you to stop by my food blog, PLATES & PLACES, tomorrow for Foodie Friday!

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Very nice features. Thank you for hosting and happy Valentine's. Hugs,

Rebekah Greiman said...

Happy Thursday morning to you! I linked up a YUMMY Bread Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce. Thanks for hosting the party once again. Have a great week!

Dane said...

Thanks for hosting!Happy Valentines's Day!

Candy said...

I just ran across your blog and loved your post about the bed benches. I've done this before and enjoyed seeing pictures of others. Have you seen a similar project where the bed is turned into a porch swing?...TOOO CUTE. The footboard is turned upside down and makes the front of the swing. Wish I had a pic to post. Im new to blogland, only 2 weeks in, soooo, COME VISIT ME!!!