Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thrifty Thursday #139, Plus a Tablescape!

Hi! It's Thrifty Thursday! I am your host, Leigh. Thank you so much for stopping by and additional thanks to those who also participate in Thrifty Thursday! I am most delighted to have you join in..for it's YOU who makes it a "show and tell party". (You can click on any pictures for a closer view) *Thrifty Thursday takes place each Thursday and is hosted here at Tales from Bloggeritaville, but the party is a progressive one, visit the links to see all the Thrifty Thursday links to see the thrifty treasures participating bloggers have to share. *Don't forget to copy and paste the Thrifty Thursday logo button to your computer so you can add it to your side bar and your Thrifty Thursday post. That way visitors will know that your are participating in Thrifty Thursday.

Before I begin Thrifty Thursday, I want to thank you all for such kind words in the past two weeks regarding the deaths of my father in law as well as Big Daddy's grandfather, who both passed coincidentally the same day, the day before Thanksgiving. Your kind words, gestures, cards and prayers were most appreciated. We are so blessed and so touched by the kindness of both friends and strangers. Thank you.

And now, Thrifty Thursday...

Tis the season! I found this set of wise men at Treasures Thrift Store for $3.00. 1.00 per wise man? I'd say THAT's a bargain!

And they look pretty above the hutch that my granddaddy made.
Also at Treasures, I found this lamp shade. I thought so unique. It was $3.50. The shade is made of some sort of material, I don't know what. But there are feathers, actual feathers embedded within the material.

The material is thin, but yet you cannot feel the feathers. An employee at Treasures and I tried in vain to figure out how the shade was made. Eventually I admitted defeat and just bought it. Even Big Daddy commented on the shade....he doesn't notice anything. He loves it.

A freebie! Notice the mantel. My mother, daughter and I attended my cousins annual Girls Crafting Weekend in Mentone. We go each year for "Hanging of the Greens" in the cabin. We buy nothing. We make everything from found materials from the woods. That mantel piece (my mother so kindly made for me) FREE!

(Please excuse the monstrosity TV....and our obsession with storage wars that acts as a subliminal commercial in the photo below)

Finally this platter that I eyeballed for so long in the Southern Living Catalog (before it was Willow House)

I adore all the southern expressions...

Designed and signed by artist Becky Denny. Cost $4.88

Tablescape Thursday:

Again....tis the about something sparkly, glittery and you know me...I love things as in nature...

This is how I like to celebrate "deer season"...

Pretty Antlers.

Mixed with starfish...
I encourage you to visit my friend Susan of Between Naps on the Porch for some great Tablescape Thursday participants.

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Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Leigh, love all your thrifty treasures! Your table setting is gorgeous! Love the glittery contrasting against the rustic feel of the wood table. You have a food blog? I'll stop by and check it out.


Wow, great Thrifty lovelies you have! I love your tablesetting, it's so elegant and beautiful. Thank you for hosting and having me. Merry Christmas. FABBY

Highpoint Circle said...

You have my condolences--we too lost my father-in-law the Monday before Thanksgiving. I cannot imagine losing two loved ones--and on the same day! May the peace of Christmas land softly on you and yours especially.

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

That lamp shade is totally awesome! Great find on that. And don't you just love it when something you've so admired in the past shows up at the thrift for a super price? That platter is so cute.

Your table looks very elegant. The starfish are the perfect touch!

Rebekah Greiman said...

One day closer to Christmas-WOOHOO! I was able to link up my DIY Vintage Aluminum wreath-which is cheap & easy to do. You know that I like cheap and easy....
I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for hosting the party once more!

Susie Buetow said...

LOVE those wise men! That was a super price! Just stopping in to say HI and link up. I thought I was already following your blog via GFC. WHen I checked I wasn't sooooo now I am :)