Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas to my friends in Bloggeritaville

In lieu of Thrifty Thursday this week, I wanted the focus to be on family friends,faith and the first Christmas gift. I hope you will join me next week for Thrifty Thursday.

But lets do something different that day.....lets focus on the best Christmas gift. It can be one from current or long ago. It need not be thrifty, or material. Please join me next week for a fun and different take on our Thursday party!

I  ran this last year, and will continue to do so every year. It is a tradition with my family, on Christmas Eve to read this story. I hope that maybe you can share this story with your family on this Christmas Eve, and remember and reflect on this special eve the greatest story ever told....

"Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace among men of good will" (Luke 2:14).

Every Christmas that I can recall from memory, as a child I would go into my mother's dresser and pull out a newsletter that we received in the mail from a local church. I anticipated listening to a particular story that was in it, "The Christmas Guest"every Christmas Eve, as was tradition. Today I love to gather my own children around the fireplace before Christmas, sip from cups of piping hot chocolate while sitting in our coziest of jammy's and read the story to my children. It is one of those Christmas traditions that is so special. It really makes you stop and think about what Christmas-and life itself-is really about.

Don't miss the very things that are in front of you. God's presence (and His "presents" ) is everywhere. I hope that this story touches you. Print it out, preserve it in your dresser or Christmas box and perhaps it will become a tradition with your family too. I hope that every year you will think of how blessed we are to have one another. We are so rich, I don't mean monetarily but in the things that matter most.

Thank you for your friendship, it is one of my "presents". May you be blessed.
Merry Christmas.
Luke 2:14
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

The Christmas Guest

It happened one day, near December's end Two neighbors called on an old friend. And they found his shop so meager and lean, Made joyful with a thousand bows of green.A nd Conrad was sittin' with face a shining when he suddenly stopped as he stitched a twine. And he said "Oh friends at dawn today,When the rooster was crowing the night away the Lord appeared in a dream to me", and said "I am coming your guest to be."So I've been busy with feet a stir, A strewing my shop with branches of fir. The table is spread and the kettle is shined and over the rafter the holly is twined. Now I'll wait for my Lord to appear and listen closely so I will hear his step - as he nears my humble place, And I open the door and look on his face.

So his friends went home and left Conrad alone. For this was the happiest day he had known For long since his family had passed away­ and Conrad had spent a many a sad Christmas day. But he knew with the Lord, as his Christmas guest, This Christmas would be the dearest and best. So he listened with only joy in his heart, and with every sound he would rise with a start and look for the Lord to be at his door -Like the vision he'd had a few hours before.

So he ran to the window, after hearing a sound.But all he could see on the snow covered ground Was a shabby beggar whose shoes were torn And all of his clothes were ragged and worn. But Conrad was touched and he went to the door, And he said, "You know your feet must be frozen and sore".I have some shoes in my shop for you and a coat that will keep you warmer too. So with grateful heart the man went away but Conrad noticed the time of day-­and wondered what made the Lord So late and how much longer he'd have to wait.

When he heard a knock he ran to the door But it was only a stranger once more.A bent old lady with a shawl of black With a bundle of kindling piled on her back. She asked for only a place to rest­But that was reserved for Conrad's great guest. But her voice seemed to plea - Don't send me away. Let me rest for a while on Christmas day. So old Conrad brewed her a steaming cup and told her to sit at the table and sup. But after she left he was filled with dismay, For he saw that the hours Were slipping away ­and the Lord hadn't come as he said he would. And Conrad felt sure he'd misunderstood.
When out of the stillness he heard a cry –
"Please help me and tell me where am I."So again he opened his friendly door,and stood disappointed as twice before. It was only a child who had wondered away, and was lost from her family on Christmas day. Again Conrad's heart was heavy and sad­ -But he knew he should make the little girl glad. So he called her in and he wiped her tear, and quieted all her childish fears. Then he led her back to her home once more.

But as he entered his own darkened door,He knew the Lord was not coming today­ -For the hours of Christmas had passed away. So he went to his room and knelt down to pray. And he said "Dear Lord, why did you delay?" "What kept you from coming to call on me. For I wanted so much your face to see."When soft in the silence a voice he heard ­"Lift up your head for I kept my word. Three times my shadow crossed your floor­and three times I came to your lowly door. I was the beggar with bruised, cold feet,and I was the woman you gave something to eat. Three times I knocked and three times I came in. And each time I found the warmth of a friend. Of all the gifts love is the best. And I was honored to be your Christmas guest."

Merry Christmas to all my friends in Bloggeritaville. Thank you for dropping by from time to time. I feel blessed to have made the friendships I have through blogging and am so appreciative of that.
From my home to yours, May the Spirit of Christmas live within you this day and everyday.
God Bless.


Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Enjoy this holiday season!!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh Jane, what a beautiful post!
Merry Christmas and all good blessings to you and your family and friends!
Love, Cass

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

A very heart-warming post, Leigh. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas.

Nicolle said...

Merry Christmas Leigh! Somehow along the way I lost your blog? My deepest apologies. I hope you are well. :)


I loved your post. I hope your Christmas was everything you wished it would be. God Bless you and yours.

Anonymous said...

I hope you and your family had the merriest of Christmases and continue to enjoy health and a happy holiday season.
May you look forward to a prosperous and enjoyable New Year!

Calypso In The Country said...

Beautiful post! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Best wishes for the New Year!