Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome to Dzemul!

Hello my travel partners, and Outdoor Wednesday visitors!
This week we have been traveling through Yucatan, Mexico.
Today we travel into the town of Dzemul. This place is situated in Telchac Pueblo, Yucatan, Mexico. Dzemul is populated by 3263 inhabitants. About 69 percent of the population in Dzemul are adults older than 18 years.2062 inhabitants are indigenous people and 1025 individuals older than 5 years speak an indigenous language. It's where Mayan palapas sit next to Spanish influenced buildings. And speaking of the buildings, take a look around at this tiny town at the storefronts and businesses...

The population of Dzumel are prodominately Mayan decendants.

And prodominately poor.
These were the average homes in Dzumel, I saw nothing even slighly more estravegant.

Our destination in Dzumel is the Catholic Church.
It stands in the center of town glorious and stately.

Guided towards the church exterior by our Expora guides, Art and Nashella, we were greeted by mayan children in traditional festive dress at the church entrance.

They spoke no english, but their beautiful smiles were enough to welcome us.

They led the way inside the church so that we could get a look at the church.
Its beauty was breathtaking and elaborate considering the area.

After the tour of the church we went outside and were treated to a traditional dance performed by the children.

Afterward a young family member collected tips for the performers, who were proud of their day's work.

Other family members sold handmade wares to the group.

Now it was time to board back onto the bus for the next and final leg of our Progresso stop, The Reef Hotel. Come back on Friday for a fiesta and a siesta at the Reef!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

If you would like to visit the stops we visited in Mexico already, please go to older post and read back. i will try and get direct links up soon.

Come back on Thursday (link up Wed. evening) for Thrifty Thursday.
See you then!


Mari said...

More gorgeous pictures! All those shots of the buildings are so wonderful. I can see this was another great stop!

nancygrayce said...

I love seeing these pictures. My grandchildren are Mexican and I love how they are so colorful! They are lovely people with such gracious hearts!

Justabeachkat said...

Gorgeous photos sweet friend!