Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day at the Botanical Gardens

For Labor Day we wanted an activity that was, well "labor" free, so we hoped in the car and headed to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Birmingham Botanical Gardens is Alabama's largest living museum with more than 10,000 different plants in its living collections. The Gardens' 67.5 acres contains 25+ unique gardens, 30+ works of original outdoor sculpture and miles of serene paths. The Gardens features the largest public horticulture library in the U.S., conservatories, a wildflower garden, two rose gardens, the Southern Living garden, and Japanese Gardens with a traditionally crafted tea house.
And what sweetens the deal to the gardens, it's free! I thought I would invite you to come along with me ( as well as Big Daddy, Sister Sledge and J Smooth) as we explored the gardens. Hope you wore your walking shoes ;)

Ahhh! What a beautiful day to be in the sunshine! I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as I did.

I do want to make mention of an event that will be coming soon to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, it is called "Southern Turkey Tales, Greens and Get Togethers" and features treasured storytellers, Dolores Hydock and (hold your breathe) the incredible and legendary Kathryn Tucker Windham.

Last year I attempted to purchase tickets last minute and didn't get to attend. I hear that the general admission show (limited seating) sells out quickly, so if you are interested I would advise you to purchase your tickets NOW, like I did. I will NOT miss this year! The show (held in the lecture hall) is scheduled for Sunday, November 7, 2-4 p.m. and cost is $25.00 per ticket.

A DEAL to listen as Ms. Windham shares her memories and tales with her captive audience. The tales will consist of basically southernisms, and will be weaved with such a painted vision of words you will marvel at her artistry. Did I mention, you really should attend!

To purchase your tickets please visit: or call 205.414.3958
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Glenda/MidSouth said...

Great photos!! Your children are growing up so fast! Thanks for sharing your trip, and sounds like you have had a great weekend.. Have a great week!

Mari said...

I would love this place! It looks like there are new things to admire (And take pictures of!) around every corner!

Rebecca said...

What a REALLY wonderful place to visit! And FREE???? Thanks for the tour. Wish I lived closer.

Justabeachkat said...

Gorgeous gorgeous photos. I especially love the ones with the bamboo (?)


genie said...

LEIGH....All of my mother’s family are from Alabama...the Crenshaws....went to Birmingham as a child and to Pratville....small world. I love the photos from the botanical garden trip. The next time I fly over for a HUGE family reunion I will need to stay overnight in B’ham and so to see them. That red bridge is so neat...I LOVE THE COLOR. I have my post reddy for later on....more of my little match box vintage treasures for the swap from the AM in Lexington (antique mall). Take is hump day for this week. The principal is out of town for these three days so hope the troops won’t be tooooo restless.

Genie @ Buttons for Baga

Boom said...

Isn't it wonderful to be somewhat close to a botanical garden? Just a reminder to each of us that the earth is beautiful still.

Boom said...

Isn't it wonderful to be somewhat close to a botanical garden? It's a lovely reminder that the earth is still beautiful

Cindy said...

What lovely gardens! Good for you to make the holiday a "no labor" day. I love botanical gardens, too, they are just so peaceful and perfectly laid out.
Hugs, Cindy

Barbara Jean said...

Love the photos.

that rock is great!!
Oh family too. =)

barbara jean

Linda said...

Those photos are wonderful....I had a very nice time....thank you! It is wonderful to live near such a wonderful place....we have several in our area, and we enjoy them all!