Monday, July 12, 2010

Christine Linson Gallery

When you walk the streets of Fairhope, Alabama, it becomes clear....the town has a connection with dogs and artist. They are both equally loved and celebrated.  On every corner you might find a dog in fancy duds and on every street, shops whose stores are filled with original artwork. It's just a few of the things that make Fairhope, Alabama such a quaint that exudes a rich southern coastal heritage.

Artist Christine Linson had lived in Cleveland, Ohio her entire life. It was there she had raised her family and was a successful art consultant. She promoted artist in the Ohio area and worked with high profile clients and corporations in assisting them in purchasing art. For 15 years, Christine made her living in the arts industry. After her children were grown, her son, Dan became engaged to a young lady from Fairhope, Alabama. Christine became familiar with the area by attending parties for the engagement. Christine fell in love with the area. "The man I was seeing at the time was planning to retire in the south. In 1988 I moved down to Fairhope and started my own gallery."Christine built her business alone for two years. Then her boyfriend was able to join her in his retirement. They married and together have worked together at the gallery. "Bob helps me have the creative time I need".
Christine and Bob have extended their family with the addition of adopting two cats, Toulouse Lautrec and Matisse. Her cats inspired her to write two children's books, "Cat Tales;A Fairhope Adventure" and "Cat Tales; A Beach Adventure". "I wrote these stories to include real people and real local flavor, they include 18 Fairhope Paintings".
At the Christine Linson Gallery you will find fine art and hand crafted accessories. The gallery serves as Christine's art studio for all paintings in progress from large water color to figurative works., charcoal drawings and oil paintings. Christine is well known in the area for the creation of many Fairhope and local area/Eastern Shore water colors scenes. She also has ornaments, puzzles and note cards with her painted designs.
You can find Christine's Gallery located directly across from the landmark clock on Fairhope Ave. Stop in at the gallery for art talk, small talk and pleasant conversation with Christine.

Christine Linson Gallery
386 Fairhope Ave
Fairhope, Alabama 36532


Kristin - The Goat said...

I love her gallery - I took my sisters and Dust Bunny there the last time I was n Fairhope. Christine wasn't there that day, but it still a lovely experience. I purchased a pack of greeting cards one of the times I was in the shop and I'm proud to say that I am almost out! Usually I hold on to greeting cards that I like so much and don't share them, but I've been getting better at sharing LOL

Love you Leigh!
Kristin - The Goat

Kate said...

I've got to get back to Fairhope! I've never spent much time there, but I know it's a great place! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

If I ever have the opportunity to head south (further than Indiana) I will check this out. Thank goodness for online viewing.