Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thrifty Thursday-Plus a Tablescape

It's Thrifty Thursday! It's also Tablescape Thursday so it has to be a party!
I think it was Chandy who created this double post badge. I hope she doesn't mind me using it.
Tablescape Thursday is hosted by the ever gracious and lovely Susan of Between Naps on the Porch.
If you are participating in Thrifty Thursday, be sure to grab yourself a Thrifty Thursday button and let's get started! For those that don't know, Thrifty Thursday is a show and tell of sorts. It is time for you to showcase your thrifty find. It can be an old find or a new one. It might be something that you found at a thrift store, a consignment store, flea market, garage/yard sale, dumpster diving, or an antique store. It's it was a thrifty find, then it meets the requirements.
I am not picky. It can be a great pair of boots & a killer vintage dress, jewelry, home decor, even fishing lures. It is your thrifty find. Tell me about it. Where did you find it? What is it? What do you plan to do with it or how do you plan to use it in your home? Do you want to sell it? Thrifty Thursday's are about the thrill of the hunt...and the treasure you found. show and tell!

Thanks for stopping by! Let's get to it!
I went to the thrift store today and found quite a few items. I wanted to share one of those with you today. Today my thrifty find is this red painted tray. I love the colors in it!

Currently I have it in a plate rack in my kitchen. I haven't really decided what I will do with it.
I am sick, sick, sick because I let a queen size iron bed get away. It was priced at $75.00 and I wanted to consult Big Daddy before I purchased it. I could not get in touch with him and assumed he would deny the purchase. I walked away. People closed in like vultures. Shortly after, Big Daddy returned my call and said, "Sure". But alas it was to late. It got away. Goes to show, get it if you like it...because it will be gone if you change your mind!
Ok, lets not discuss anymore. Makes me irritable at myself.

My tablescape for today is not one that I can take credit for. I wanted to actually do this tablescape but I have not had a chance to. I plan to and will share it with you when I do. But, dear is my inspiration photos. Courtesy of Country Living Magazine.
A picnic to me is a newly mowed field gilded by the sun, a big blue sky, fresh air, and close friends and family. A day talking, eating, and just having fun together makes for lifelong memories.
For a picnic, you need to find the perfect spot. Be it under a tree, by a brook, or in a field. Something to set the mood for fun and relaxation. You will also need something to sit on. A picnic table, hay bales, or some quilts will suffice.

Set the table using Fresh flowers. I always like to go on a walk with my children to find the perfect bouquet. We come back and put it in a big mason jar as our centerpiece.

Fill a bucket with lentils. They double as decoration and a way to hold utensils. You can also use beans, cranberries, corn kernels, kidney beans, split peas, or whatever is available locally.

Serve lunches in vintage yellowware and other new bowls that guests could keep as party favors; the burlap lining kept the bowls clean. The foods are presented as individual gifts -- a pita sandwich wrapped in waxed paper, a vellum bag filled with crackers, a jelly jar filled with Lentil and Couscous Salad with Mint, a tiny cake that was baked in a Jell-O mold, and a fresh, local grown apple.
Be sure to stop by my recipe blog, Plates and Places to see all of the picnic recipes that will be posted for Foodie Friday.
And that, is my Thrifty Thursday post.

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Mari said...

Your tablescape is great! And I'm bummed for you about the deal that got away!~

KBeau said...

So where did you go to find that gorgeous red tole tray? I love it.

Kathleen said...

Love your tray...I will have to remember thrifty Thursday next week...I hope!
Happy Easter!

susan said...

Utensils in the bucket of beans is such a good idea! Put Big Daddy on speed dial!! Happy Ester!

Unknown said...

I love your finds! I posted mine on my blog.


j said...

Of course you know I love that tray! It is gorgeous!!

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

This is great. I love it! I love great ideas and fun pictures like these. Have a great Easter.

Kristin - The Goat said...

It's OK that you didn't get the bed. You're letting something else in your life, instead. It's just gotta be better! :)


Linda said...

I'm sorry you missed out on the iron bed darn it! Just remember, there's a reason for everything!

I'm lovin' that red tray! What a great find!

Chandy said...

Not at all, Leigh! I think it looks good on your blog, too! Anyway, that table is so awesome! I wish I can really sit down in front of and just admire it until food covers the dishes (wink, wink) ;-)

Enjoy your Thursday! Glad to see you're much better...

Linda in AZ * said...

* HOW WONDERFUL!!! Loved seeing your style at work!!! Yummy, and sooooo "NOT everyday!"~~~ Next time I sauggest you "pull a Nike" and "just buy it", dear one~~~ easier to say "Sorry!" with a sweet smile, than to cry later about such a loss!!! "They" understand, anyway! Grins! Happiest of Easters to your CHARMING family! Linda *

"J" said...

Wow love the tablescape for today....I know you will do it and "OWN IT SISTER"!!!!!! =) I can't wait to hear all about it!!!! I love the gift ideas too!!!! It gives each person a little something to take home and remember the special day!!!!!

That would be FUN for a girls day away picnic!!!!!

Well, I'm back - I think after this week - my life/our life will get back to what we call "normal"!!!! The wedding is in the the wedding reception "party" is in the past as well!!!! All of Mr. "S" family is on the road back to Ohio today - they've been with us since last Friday!!!!

I've missed you sooooooooooooooooooo very much!!!!!!!

Sorry I don't have anything to share today!!! =( I will get back on track though!!!!!

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

Great tablescape! I am participating in the Thrifty Thursday party for the first time. Thanks for hosting!

Deb said...

Love that tray! I can never find anything like that on my trips to the thrift store! Lovely tips and ideas for a lovely tablescape! Deb

Laura said...

I'm totally diggin' the bean bucket! TJ and I are hosting a 100+ person party in Decatur in June at a local park, and this would be a FABULOUS way to display our "plasticware". Cool idea!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Yep, I've walked away from those deals a few times, with regret later!! Sorry to hear you didn't get the bed. Maybe another will come along when you least expect it.

I love the table inspiration photos!!

Happy Easter!!

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

Very cute - lunch in a bowl! Love the little sunflowers. Happy Easter!

joyh82 said...

What a great tray you found there!

Anonymous said...

your TT is awesome.
oh dear i know how it goes.i have done it too many times myself.i guess you and i are just going to have to DO it anyway.i never do quite forgive myself for the loses.and i don't know about yours.but my dh thinks people are just going to wait until he is break!they will not wait on ANYONE.ha.
thanks for erasing my double .the first time i had lazy mamas or something on mine?i have no idea where i got that...ann

Janies World said...

I love this idea! The little lunch pails are so cute!

Too bad about the bed. I hate when those kind of things happen. They consume my thought for days! Let it go... Let it go...

Unknown said...

What a super clever "table scape"! Love it!

The red tray was also a good find...too bad about the bed but what a good wife you are to call and check. And what a sweet hubby to say yes...even though the "prize" was already gone.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Ah, there is always the one that got away. I am still mourning a primitive period blanket chest I didn't buy when I was a TEENAGER; that's how long I hold on to missed opportunities!

There will be another bed; we have furnished half That Old House on Ebay and Craigslist and other "finds."

Love that tole tray. Gorgeous color! And the picnic looks great, only please don't make guests sit on hay bales, which I saw once in either Country Living or Country Home. Talk about itchy!

:-) Cass

southerninspiration said...

Oh, I am green with envy over that red tray!!! What a great deal to come across that!!! I love it!


Kim said...

Great post Leigh! Love that red painted tray - I would've arm wrestled you for that. Don't be so hard on yourself about the headboard - it wasn't meant to be ;)

Unknown said...

I LOVE that tray. You know, if you can't find a place for it, I'm sure that I can... ;)
What cool ideas for a tablescape. I really like the silverware in the bucket.
Have a great weekend!

Kathleen Ellis said...

What great inspiration! Can't wait to see your version!
Happy Easter!

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Hey, thanks for the awesome lunch! I'll be right over! The lunch in brown paper wrapping is just so cozy, I love it! I do wish we could have lunch sometime, we would have too much fun! I told someone earlier, that I am the ONLY person in blogland that doesn't "do" tablescapes! So I will enjoy all of yours, instead. I do love putting together bowls and even burger baskets with fun things for the family.

I always love your great finds. Keep it going, girl!

Joyful said...

Love the ideas! Thanks for the awesome ideas.

And don't worry - another tray will come your way and it will be even more perfect!


Linda said...

I'm wondering if Mr. Linky is acting up! I linked up but my name won't appear on your post...weird!

Susan @ Oh My! Creative said...

Your photos are really all looks very inviting.

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE your tray... LOVE the picnic... YUM!!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Your story about the iron bed made me laugh...because I have done that same exact thing. To this day I cringe at a thing or two I passed on only to lose out completely when I went back..grrrrr I sooth myself by saying .."if I were supposed to have had it..I would have." Doesn't always work!!!
Lovely ideas you posted...and it doesn't matter where the ideas came from. We all get them from somewhere.. :) I give you credit for giving them to us!
Happy Easter!

Decor To Adore said...

Oh Yum! Beautiful! Have a glorious Easter weekend!