Friday, August 8, 2008

We're so fine, We're so Great, We're the class of '88!

*This message is made possible by Leigh's new pair of Spanks. Suck it up, and suck it in! Suck in your worries with spanks!.......*

Today is the day. It's here. My 20th year high school reunion. Can you believe it has been 20 years since Bon Jovi was my most worn out cassette in my tape deck, since huge belts were the rage. Since The Breakfast Club and 16 Candles were hits. Remember bicycle shorts as a fashion statement? Oh! Let us forget. Spandex that tight should never return, except in the form of spanks under garments. It really does seem like yesterday, but in the same breathe it seems like forever ago.
When I found out my class had planned the 20th reunion, I have to be honest and say that I didn't plan to go. There is really no good reason, why I didn't. I guess I can attribute it to anxiety associated with attending a reunion. All kinds of thoughts went through my head. Will there be anyone there I know? What if nobody remembers me? What if I don't recognize classmates or remember their names? What if I run into the old friend that one day decided she didn't like me anymore? I've put on weight. The greys peek through my temples these days like runway lights. I'm not that successful in a career sense. Aside from my domestic empire, I am and have never been CEO, heck, I am not even a paid employee of my empire (mental note to talk to the CFO). But then, I take a deep breathe and say, "Relax! Leigh!"
My friend TerriRay, and many of you blog readers have been so wonderful showing your support. Big Daddy, Fred-E, Princess Z and Kristie I speak to you when I say thank you for going and "holding my hand". I finally came to the realization that I am not alone in these thoughts. Everyone else is probably having the same exact thoughts and reunion jitters. Or at least I think they are. It would be a shame if I allowed these thoughts to get in the way of me attending. We have all changed. And I think for (almost) all of us, it has been for the better. We have grown into mature (not speaking on behalf of my brother in law, smile) contributing people. I am not 17 anymore. You all saw right through that on Monday, when I attempted roller skating at 38. By back side still bares the bruises. But no one at the reunion will be 17 (except in theri own mind through the possible help of some great surgical procedures, starvation and hair color. That remains to be seen. And I AM curious). The laws of gravity and time catch up with all of us eventually. It's a fact of life.
I have always been one to be my own worse critic. I had hoped that with age, it would improve. And it has, but I still second guess myself (despite my husband and friend Freddy's wonderful encouragement not to). As an adult, it is still a struggle but with each day and ripening of age it does get easier to accept myself for me. "Be yourself." As God intended. I am one to celebrate life's changes.
And so it is, I will relax. I will go and I will have a good time.This is an opportunity to go out and have some fun. Most of my classmates I haven't seen in twenty years, at the very least 10. I am going to go and renew old friendships, catch up with each others lives, and celebrate our youth and feel young again (if only for a moment). I cannot wait to go and to reminisce about the good old days, to share time with old friends while we are still able to, and to celebrate our changes in life. I have come to the realization that people are not there to judge me but are there for the same reason I am--- to have a great time and touch their past. Touch our past. As we age, those memories become more fonder. We tend to appreciate them a little more. I have often touted it, and I need to remind myself to go with an attitude of having fun.
As the day has approached I have been in contact with more people than I ever have from school and it has been so fun chatting and planning with one another. Oh, my gosh, dare I expose the dork that I am and say, it is almost like a "Footloose Moment". The planning and coordinating of a grand affair with classmates. Tomorrow, I am going to party like it's 1988 (remember when 1999 seemed forever away.)! Wish me luck.

And pray for my spanks, they will be working overtime tonight.

Thanks to you all for your encouragement. You know I will be reporting it all on Monday!
Have a great weekend!


Terri said...

Just are 38, not 18. You cannot party til 4 in the morn, dance your heart out(even to Bon Jovi) without feeling it for three days afterwards, and even though 20 years have passed for you, 20 years has passed for EVERYONE!

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are one beautiful women inside and out. So go with you head up suck in your tummy and have a BLAST,,,, enjoy and celebrate who you are now, who you were then and what is to be.
Enjoy life as you do each and everyday.
Love ya

Shannon said...

I love Spanx and wear them every Sunday! :) Have fun!!

Susan said...

I told you, two years ago I went to my Berry 20 year. Well, let me tell you, at the 10 year it was all "I've done this in 10 years" "Look at what I've accomplished". I have to say at the 20 it was "OH, IT'S SO GREAT TO SEE YOU!!!" I have to say, everyone talked to everyone. We just had a blast. The "cool" people talked to me, the "dorks" wanted to talk to me. We are all on the same page now, no one cared abut anything but having a good time. They wanted to know what I was up to and where my husband was (he was out of town on business, so I went by myself, not that he knew anyone). I think I talked to everyone who showed up. Have fun, you know you will and no one will care that you haven't been a CEO, I mean, you'd never see your kids if you were!!

"J" said...

I have every same feeling as you do! For real! =) To this day I don't know if I would go to our class reunion?!?!? There was 120 people in my class...I think I might talk to 3 to this day one being Mr. "S" lol! I think there is about 20 on my myspace page!

Don't worry about what other people think of you! It's the "HAPPY" life you make it and live...that's allllllllllll that matters!!! Have fun and I know you will look GREAT!!!!

"J" said...

PS - Let me know how the Spanx works out!!!! =)

butterflygirl said...

Have fun!

Charnita said...

Have fun....
I did at mine.
And I am sure you will be LOVED by all, of course.
We expect a FULL report.

The Hickmans said...

You go, girl!! Have fun and shake your thing. :) I know everyone is going to think that you are just stunning!!

Frannie said...

oh, I hope you have a blast!!!!

good luck and good dancin'!!!!!

Hewy Nosleep said...

Our chant for the class of 88 was little more...debase

JennV said...

Here's hoping that your reunion was a Blast! They are usually better than you remember High School being at least! LOL! I've got mine coming next year and am already having second thoughts about going. You are not alone my dear, you are not alone. :o)

Debra from Bungalow said...

Are those spanx uncomfortable? I hear Oprah loves them.

Can't wait to hear all the details, Hugs, DebraK

Anonymous said...

I am SOO proud of you- I graduated in 88 too- and Hell no, I'm not going- I cannot make myself do it- I get sick at my stomach just thinking about it- Yes, I did graduate with folks who are highly successful now- tons of lawyers, doctors and Harvard grads!
I am still friends with all my old high school friends and we still get together- and that is enough for me.
I am going to make up an excuse of being on a business trip with big daddy-
Leigh, I promise I have thought about it and I just cannot do it-
I did go to the 10th and it was clickish- I had a good time with my true friends then but I am too old now to have to make myself go-
I am so glad you had fun though-
I ain't going- even with SPANX!

Travis Cody said...

Hmmmmm...I'm at 27 years and counting. The jury is still out on whether I'll attend my 30th reunion.

Christie O'Brien said...

I was wearing my Spanx all weekend girl ;)